141R1126 At Auch Christmas 2009

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by Pyreneenguy, 6 Nov 2011.

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    29 May 2011
    I'd completely forgotten about these two short videos that I posted on Dailymotion, just after Christmas 2009.


    The 141R 'Mikado' series of locomotive were bought from the USA to replenish the massively war-damaged fleet of the S.N.C.F. They were the largest steam locomotive to see service on any European network. The production / technical details can be found here on French Wikipedia : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/141_R

    The locomotive is owned by the S.N.C.F but run / maintained by a group of enthusiasts, based near Toulouse. On this occasion 1126 was hauling a Santa Special from Toulouse to Auch ( & return). The track between the two towns had just been entirely renewed , giving access to this 'monster ( 191 tonnes ) for the first time. Thanks to a forward-thinking Regional- Assembly, this line, often threatened with closure is providing the best service it has known since construction.
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