156450's Central Scotland Bash (part 1)

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27 Jun 2011
Time for a report from me after a trip with a Central Scotland Rover.

Started off Yesterday , 28th April.

A Bus Run into Glasgow ensued with the usual shoppers etc at 9am.

Arrived into a fairly cool but sunny City Centre and headed to Queen St to collect the ticket.

Started out quiet. Took 334011 through to Edinburgh Via Bathgate at 10:24, first time in daylight (first trip was about a week after the line opened and arriving Edinburgh in the evening peak in the dark , line opened December 2010)

All went fine , no major issues. Oh , and for the info bashers , it was 2M30 09:57 Milngavie to Edinburgh Semi Fast)

Upon arrival at Edinburgh it was time to stock up on snacks and negotiate the mazes to exit the station for a swifto smoko! (Cigarette to those not in the know).

After that I took a gallop to Newcraighall on the 11:51 departure. 170393 was the chariot on the service (2K07)

Upon arrival at Newcraighall I disembarked expecting the Unit to head off to the turnback siding to form the return working , but it was only the Driver and Conductor that exchanged glances on the platform.

After dwell time was up , 170393 headed back on a Fife Circle service (2K01) with myself and a friend onboard.

We alighted at Kirkcaldy for a meet up with another friend and stopped off for a pint. After several hours we returned for the 17:48 to Edinburgh (1L04 , 17:00 Ex Perth) formed of 158869. Very pleasant inside compared to the original Scotrail 158's , wish the rest were like that! Of note , I also noticed I travelled on the set only 5 days earlier on the Anniesland - Maryhill - Glasgow Queen St service , shows the units don't half get about!

After a scurry down the line , rumble over the Forth Bridge and negotiate entering Haymarket , Edinburgh Waverley was reached roundabout on time.

After some searching for a place to eat , it was decided Burger King in Waverley was the option. One wave of a bite card later and we got food for less than £10 for 2 meals , not bad.

After that it was a leisurely pace to Platform 12 for the 19:15 (1R97) to Glasgow Queen Street.

All was well and I was starting to dose off after a nice day touring about then all hell broke loose.

A crowd of drunk women got on at Waverley and kept singing the Proclaimers "Life with you" (look it on youtube)

The version on youtube was better than them. I reported to the guard that I wasn't amused with the noise levels , the guard curteously put myself and my friend into First Class , what a lass , the guard that is. She also said she'd tell them to keep it down. Usual moans from the females , well , not sure as I couldn't lipread from the end of the coach looking through the sliding doors.

Upon arrival at Queen St it was decided to call it a night.

All wasn't quiet , got cheek off the females saying I used them as an excuse to Use first Class, not the case. Got peed off so said to them "Ever been on Britains got talent?"

They replied no , I said "Not surprised , your singings like a cat sliding down a chalkboard (things they used to have in school)" Result of abuse off the females.

Made an end to my enjoyable day. Hopefully back out through the week for more antics.
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