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20/05 - 21/05: WSXFan's Revenge

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19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
Hi gang. Here comes my newly styled trip report. It promises to be very much non-comprehensive, as some of my previous reportings have been, and contains little to no posh wordings (something else my previous trip reportings aimed at). I'd love to hear comments on the styling. Abbreviations will be explained at the end of the report. Here goes:


Lift to HFD
43033, in 41157 (NB), HFD - PAD. Held near Foregate Street for 8 minutes for a 180 to move off our way.
42217 (R) near Shrub Hill. First new number of the day, 199 to go.
43078 and 43197 (former GNER branded, latter not) at Evesham! Photted both!
Arrived Oxford 0926, departed around 0930, back on time.
Locos at Didcot Parkway: 66098, 182, 101, 209. Locos at Reading: 66519, 609, 550
Arrived Reading 0954, left 0956, sharp stop for a door close further down, left again 0957.
Locos at Acton: 66109, 59201. Black and red 08 too.
Arrived Paddington 1026, 1 down on booked arrival, into platform 1. 32956 and 33194 in Westbourne Park.
3553 (R!, NB) Paddington - Queens Park (Bakerloo)
313114, in 62606 (NB), Queens Park - Willesden Junction.
66721 (R!), 87007 (R!) and 325010 in Willesden Yard. 90045 and 66502 videoed passing on container trains. 41293 also here. 313112 (R!) seen here, finishing the SL 313s! WOOHOO!
Stock noted in OOC: 08919, 56037, UID Mainline 58, 31420, 37892, D1524 (47004) (R!), 56133, 31306, 31427, 08506, 47782, 37513, 08541, 56070, 56112, 47635, 37701, 37719, 08694, 'Apollo'.
Back at Willesden Junction: 321424 seen NB! SCORE!
3555 Willesden Junction - Harrow and Wealdstone (NB, Bakerloo).
87028 near Stonebridge Park. 3252 (R!), 325012 (R!), 10688 (CI carriage), 68346 (motor coach of 325007).
321406 seen here! WOOHOO! 1 more SL 321/4 to go!
377205, in 78775 (NB), Harrow and Wealdstone - East Croydon
Stock in Wembley: 66034, 66250, 66243, 90017, 90020, 92006, 67025, 67020, 67015, 92013, 94509 (R!, mail van), 66502, 90044, 66203.
Noted in Willesden Junction: 325007 (R!), 8 more 325s to go!
456015, in 64749 (NB), EC - Caterham. Finally done this line!
456022, in 78271, Caterham - New Cross Gate.
23019 (SC, R!, NB), on a 453, New Cross Gate - New Cross. 17131, 23003, 17151 here (all R!).
5114 (R!, NB) New Cross to Whitechapel (finally done the ELL!).
8028 (R!, NB) Whitechapel - Mile End.
91255 (R!, NB) Mile End - Leyton.
33023 (R!, NB), on a 158, Leyton to Walthamstow. 32807, 17186, 17911, 17190, 17803, 18236, 17927, 33008 (F) and 18216 (all R!) seen en-route.

Will post the rest shortly, taking a short break from posting (it's quite tiring this!).

Key to abbreviations:

(R!) = Required number
(NB) = New Bash
(R!, NB) = Required number and New Bash
(SC) = Stagecoach
(F) = First

Will finish this in a little bit.
Here we go with the next bit...

Tea time, so a trip to Planet Pizza
315860, in 64579 (NB), St. James Street - Liverpool Street
315817 @ Liverpool Street! One more GE 315 to go!
315806, in 71286 (NB), Liverpool Street - Stratford
813 near Liverpool Street too! SCORE!!! Finished the GE 315s!
360108, in 68558 (NB), Stratford - Romford
170271 (R!) videoed here, with 56207 in the middle! One more non-FSR 170 to go! Some more filming before...
315820, in 64500 (NB), Romford - Upminster
357204 (R!) seen here.
315820, in 71408 (carriage NB), Upminster - Romford
315806, in 64471 (carriage NB), Romford - Goodmayes.
VLA141 (R!, NB), on a 128, Goodmayes - Gants Hill
91282 Gants Hill - Leytonstone (passed Wanstead!)
PDL101 (R!, NB), on a W15, Leytonstone - Walthamstow Central
3120 (R!, NB) Walthamstow Central - Tottenham Hale
315849 (R!) scored here! One more 315 to go now!
PDL89 (R!, NB), on a 192, Tottenham Hale - Edmonton Green
315859 (R!) here! SCORE!!! FINISHED THE 315s! WOOHOO!!!
315860, in 64580 (carriage NB), Edmonton Green - Enfield Town (finally done this line!)
DLP91 (R!, NB), on a 307, Enfield Town - Oakwood
587 (Piccadilly line, R!, NB) Oakwood - Cockfosters
690 (Piccadilly line, R!, NB) Cockfosters to Arnos Grove
DLD22 (R!, NB), on a 251, Arnos Grove - Burnt Oak
53642 (R!, NB, Northern line) Burnt Oak - Colindale
51530 (R!, NB) Colindale - Edgware (AT LAST! FINISHED THIS LINE!)
6025 (R!, NB), on a 142, Edgware Bus Station - Stanmore


96222 (R?, NB) Stanmore - Baker Street (FINALLY finished the Jubilee line!)
TAL125 (R!, NB), on a UID route, Baker Street - Oxford Circus
SLE39 (R!, NB), on an N13, Oxford Circus - Trafalgar Square
WVL126 (R!, NB), on an N77, Trafalgar Square - Wimbledon Park.
Sighted multiple 458s (including 8022 and 8011 here) and a couple of 455s in WB.
WVL126, on an N77, Wimbledon Park - Clapham Junction
377154, in 78754 (NB), Clapham Junction - East Croydon
377429, in 73829 (NB), East Croydon - Clapham Junction
458030 in the yard! SCORE! Two more 458s to see!
WVL157 (R!, NB), on an N77, Plough Road - Trafalgar Square.
DLP97 (R!, NB), on an N279, Trafalgar Square - Finsbury Park
MA155 (R!, NB), on an N29, Finsbury Park - Harringay Green Lanes
Walk to Harringay station, then to Hornsey. Scored 313060 (R!) here!
DLP71 (R!, NB), on a 144, Wightman Road (Turnpike Lane) - Wood Green Station.
VLW53 (R!, NB), on a W3, Wood Green Station - Northumberland Park
Scored an absolute TON of buses here!
PDL91 (R!, NB), on a 192, Northumberland Park - Tottenham Hale.

Time for another short break, I'll be back with the rest shortly (don't worry, we're only a few hours of bashing away from the end now).

Back from the break now, so let's get this finished...

VLW184 (R!, NB), on a 123, Tottenham Hale - Blackhorse Road
17752 (SC, R!, NB), on a 158, Blackhorse Road - Leyton Station
PDL99 (R!, NB), on a W15, Leyton Station - Homerton Road (Kingsmead Estate)
Did two SC depots and a First depot on Waterden Road here. TONS AND TONS of new numbers!
PDL104 (R!, NB), on a W15, Homerton Road - Hackney Central
VLW166 (R!, NB), on a 254, Hackney Central - Clapton Station
17595 (SC, R!, NB), on a 56, Clapton (Kenninghall Road) - Islington
MA39 (R!, NB), on a 73, Angel Station - Kings Cross
Time for breakfast in Subway! Absolutely exhausted and starving!
313029 (R!) and 365509 (R!) scored off at Kings Cross, getting closer now! HST on the 1045 to Glasgow Central! Envious!
Got one new HST trailer scored off at St. Pancras, 45 more to go...
17238 (SC, R!, NB), on a 30, Kings Cross - Marylebone Road
23009 (SC, R!, NB), on a 453, Marylebone Road - Marylebone Station.
165029 (R!) scored here, one less of those now!
TP420 (R!, NB), on a 205, Marylebone Station - Paddington Station
43130, in 42029 (carriage NB), PAD - HFD
Locos in Reading: 66530, 581, 519.
Green 20s (paired up) working a single-carriage (observation train?), near Cholsey!!!
Locos in Didcot Parkway: 60093, 66098, 101, 085, 216 (latter four all coupled together)
66510 in yard south of Oxford.
43078 and 197 still in Evesham as of 1445.
Arrived at HFD, after a horrible journey, at 1555, 7 down.
66604, on a train of scrap metal wagons, parked in the old HST sidings at HFD! 66232 on empty HTAs SB later on around 1650.
Lift home.

Thus concludes my trip report for this last weekend's marathon bash around London. I have designated this trip an almighty 8.5/10 on my VFM scale. It would have been a 9 if the HST had been clean and had working toilets (how they allowed that I don't know...), but hey. So far that is the biggest VFM rating I have given any trip, the Oban trip coming a tight second with 7.8/10.

Many thanks must go to Sprinter, who had planned the entire bash pretty much! Without his expertise, I'd have been completely stuck. Also thanks to Galvanise for showing up at Paddington and coming along for much of the meet.

Comments are indeed welcome on the style of this report or the content of it.

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13 Jun 2005
Nice Styling although some abbrevations do figure a little bit of figuring out e.g. HFD = Hereford. ;)

Maybe some colour next time!?! ;)


Veteran Member
19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
Hi Chaz.

Thanks for the constructive comments.

I admit, I was rushing it out as fast as possible. Strangely it didn't take half as long to transfer from my notebook to my A4 book, which I've more or less done (got to still transfer all my bus numbers over, which will take a while!). I do have the WYSIWYG editor for my posts enabled here, which would definately allow me to experiment and add colour, emboldening, underlinings (which I use for recording new bashes in my books here), italics, whatever have you.

Re: abbreviations, I forgot to add HFD to the list. Such little mistakes happen when you're typing such a post up instead of having lunch...

Comments taken on-board though, I'll make sure I bear them in mind for my next report, which will come next week following the 3-day bash to Scotland and back.
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