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    As requested by @ainsworth74, for reference in other threads, here is a chart of the data summarised from the ORR's 2017-18 Railway Industry Financial Information. I have given each operator their colloquial name, and Eurostar are included for reference as their earnings are all international and detailed accounts of revenue were unavailable. Data for Hull Trains was completely unavailable this year. Northern Ireland Railways (NIR), Grand Central and Heathrow Express are included for reference as passenger rail operators, but they are not subject to franchising.

    The list of values is as follows (£m):

    1. GTR 1,463
    2. Virgin Trains 1,108
    3. GWR 948
    4. Eurostar 916
    5. SWR 914
    6. Southeastern 774
    7. LNER 762
    8. Greater Anglia 599
    9. CrossCountry 530
    10. EMT 385
    11. WMT 347
    12. ScotRail 346
    13. Northern 298
    14. TPE 239
    15. London Overground 225
    16. Chiltern 214
    17. c2c 172
    18. Heathrow Express 168
    19. TfW 146
    20. TfL Rail 84
    21. Merseyrail 51
    22. NIR 50
    23. Grand Central 43
    24. Cal Sleeper 24
    For comparison, in the previous financial year, Hull Trains was £29m, so it is almost negligible. Along with the numbers for GC and CS this goes to show the relative impact they are currently having on LNER.

    Compared to last year, SWR have slipped from third to fifth place, they are now behind both GWR and Eurostar. It is notable to my mind just how far down this list LNER are, when considering the breadth of their operation. Equally when considering Heathrow Express, just how far up the list they are.

    To give people a sense of scale, TfL's revenue from their London Buses operation during the same period was about £1.5 billion. For general comparison, Tesco about £55 billion, HSBC £60 billion, BP £140 billion. Train companies have other incomes, from things other than fares. This also does not show the impact of Network Rail's finances.

    If anyone has any interesting insights or comparisons, feel free to reply below. If anyone spots any mistakes, again please do point them out.

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