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3 Class 60's Taken early Nineties

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Simon E

12 Oct 2020
Burton on Trent
Thought you may be interested in this photo I recently found. I think it was took early Nineties possibly 1992 (certainly no later) and as the loco you can see the number was built in December 1991 (according to internet search) I would guess Spring/Summer 1992 at a depot open day somewhere in the Midlands, a shout to the 2 people I was definitely with has yielded no more information as to where I took it... Possibly Coalville though. It was taken on my Mamiya 645J Medium format which produced a huge negative of 6cm x 4.5cm. this was scanned in from a 6x4 inch. I wish I could find the negative! (and wish I still owned the camera - it was sold to fund my first DSLR) shame it was overcast that day... Do I fix that in photoshop is the question.....

Class 60.jpg
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