34067 'TANGMERE' Any news

Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by grh, 1 Jun 2010.

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  1. grh

    grh Member

    2 May 2010
    Hi all,

    Any news on the repairs and problems Tangmere has (34067).

    This wonderful engine, the only one of its class on the mainline has been out of action nearly all this year.

    RTC have even cancelled this Sat tour from Eastleigh-Minehead via Weymouth as Tangmere is unavalilable and nothing else to sub it.

    Any ideas when its back, and what is wrong with it????

    Perhaphs it was the Bincombe Bank unassisted climb last August which busted it??

  2. Chris125

    Chris125 Established Member

    12 Nov 2009
    Err, no. This was a boiler issue as far as im aware, and probably just a result of how reguarly she is used. I doubt very much there'll be any 'news' until someone phots her in steam outside Carnforth - as im sure WCRC would say, she'll be ready when she's ready.

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