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11 Apr 2014
Almost a month passed!

Big trips recently included a mammoth overnight up to Wick and Thurso with 37025 and 37421. The latter a requirement. Lots of 91s meeting the 1000 barrier too! Up to 19/31 of the class cleared for the 'thou!

Mammoth delay getting to work yesterday but 47245 produced on the MTO Dalesman and that was duly scooped between Leeds and York later on last night.
Only 33025 33029 47832 47851 from the currently active WCRC fleet to tick off. I suspect 47772 47787 will be added back to that list in time.

This weekend sees a lot of mileage ahead! Friday night move to Worcester, railtour to Penzance on Saturday with a pair of DRSs finest (37s). Then blast up to Middlesbrough on Sunday to scratch in 08598 08600 on the AV Dawson/BLS/PLEG event at 1530.

Oh and specifically for Mr Tech. The 37 tour picks up at Hereford and heads down the Marches and through STJ and Brizzle on its way to Penzance. Last time I was in your neck of the woods you claimed to have no clue 37800 37884 were on a tour that day! :P
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