3rd March: Mansfield to Blackpool

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10 Sep 2008
3rd March: Mansfield to Blackpool

Last Saturday I did a return trip from Mansfield to Blackpool North. It was just to visit friends but made a nice interesting ride out by a roundabout route.

I'd booked cheap Advance Purchase tickets weeks ago and although it only cost me £10.50 each way, it was rather long roundabout route and did only allow me 3hrs 50 mins in Blackpool. One thing that was worrying me about the journey was some of the rather tight connections. They were all just within the minimum permitted connection times but some only just. I had no need for concern as all trains were spot on time. I even managed to get into Blackpool North almost 30 minutes early because I caught a slightly delayed 1155 from Preston!

Quite a problem free comfortable journey. The 0940 single EMT 153 unit was very crowded between Derby and Crewe with a number of standing passengers for the most of the journey, especially crowded between Uttoxeter and Stoke on Trent.
The cheap AP ticket for the return journey took a bit of finding and ended up being via an unexpected route. I did wonder what arrangements would have been made for me if I was to miss my connection at either Preston or Crewe? Would I have had to wait for the next trains via that route or would they have allowed me to travel via Manchester or Derby?

My route and timings were as follows:
Mansfield dep: 0810
Nottingham arr: 0844

Nottingham dep: 0908
Derby arr: 0931

Derby dep: 0940
Crewe arr: 1059

Crewe dep: 1109
Preston arr: 1151

Preston dep: 1219
Blackpool North arr: 1250

Blackpool North dep: 1640
Preston arr:1708

Preston dep 1717
Crewe arr 1759

Crewe dep: 1811
Stockport arr: 1836

Stockport dep: 1854
Nottingham arr: 2031

Nottingham dep: 2055
Mansfield arr 2135
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