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    18 Jun 2015
    Some good reads there, sounds like an excellent trip south - I only photographed the Jurassic beast to post on social media as my nephew 'needed' the free Lego set you got for doing so!
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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks lads.

    47403 - good luck with getting a run on the SSE.
    Barrowjack - I have no such excuse, it was all childish pleasure :)

    Anyway, here's the next instalment:
    Day two began with me presenting at the dining room as soon as it opened for breakfast.
    There wasn’t a minute to lose.
    Today I had more 707s on my radar.
    I also wanted some 456ers.

    Happily, the problems afflicting Tramlink the evening before had been solved.
    So, after walking to East Croydon to purchase my Travelcard, I boarded 2555 for a run to Wimbledon.

    I didn’t want to be heading into London during the rush hour, so I looked for something to take me the other way.
    I found the perfect solution.
    Triple winners 456017, 455730 and 455710 were taken three times, to ensure I rode in each individual unit.
    I did them from Wimbledon to Hampton Court, thence to Waterloo and finally to Clapham Junction.

    Now it was back to winning 707s.
    707018, trailing 707024 took me to Waterloo where I did the cross-platform leap onto 707004 & 707024.
    Required shack Wandsworth Town was where I left them.

    During the earlier part of the day I’d observed a few others that needed doing.
    The first of these were mileage pair from yesterday 707021 & 707025.
    A run into Waterloo saw 025 pass the ten-mile mark and taking them straight back to Clapham Junction meant 021 joined it in the club.

    Solo 707017 was next, first into Waterloo and then out as far as Barnes.
    The first set working back towards London was one I’d already been on today, not to mention a couple of times yesterday, so I rejected it – although I did get a shot of it leaving.

    [​IMG]EMU 707021_2018.06.12_Barnes by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    This was the right move as a few minutes later my second new 456 of the day, 456019 rolled in.
    This was working with double duds 455911 and 455718.
    To get the 456 over ten miles I did these into Waterloo then back to the Junction.

    Between trips I had the chance to photograph two of the week's winners next to each other:
    [​IMG]EMU 707025_2018.06.12_Waterloo_& 456019 by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I wasn’t finished with 707s yet.
    707012 & 707010 provided me with another ride into Waterloo.
    I left Britain’s busiest station on 707005.

    I took this as far as Isleworth where I had a short but photographically productive wait for 010 & 012.
    This time I stayed on them to Clapham Junction and they joined the ever-growing ranks of the TMC.

    Another pair from earlier on which I needed both for mileage and a ride in the unit I hadn’t been in then, 707004 and 707024, were next, to Norbiton.

    My second winning triple of the day, 456006, 455849 and 455916 then whisked me back to Waterloo.
    I did them back out to CJ but had to leave riding in 5849 for another day.
    On the journey 456006 became my twelfth member of the class to pass ten miles.

    The last new 707s of this move proved to be 707026 and 707002.
    For mileage and riding in both units purposes I took them into Waterloo then out to North Sheen.

    North Sheen was a good spot to hang around for a while and get some photos.
    [​IMG]EMU 458501_2018.06.12_North Sheen by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Although I was done with scoring them, there was still one unit from earlier that I needed to ride in, this was 707015, still paired with 707018.
    423015 was where I sat, through to Clapham Junction.

    With my 707 chasing done for the week I had time to reflect on my gains.
    Having never had one prior to this I was more than happy with my totals now.
    I’d scored no less than nineteen, all of them for over ten miles and all bar one (707003) for riding in.

    707 chasing might have been over, but the move certainly wasn’t.
    Winner 455919 took me into Waterloo.
    It was working with mileage requirement 456007 and completely dud 455734.
    I did the same set out to Wimbledon and caught tram 2533 through to Wellesley Road.
    This time I only had to walk from the tram stop to the hotel.
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    4 Sep 2005
    Day three saw me checking out of the hotel and heading West.

    But only after getting a couple of photos of the view from my room:
    [​IMG]Croydon Tram 2534_2018.06.13_Croydon by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Having done two days on SWR it was now the turn of GTR to see my presence.
    First it was Thameslink, with 700113 taking me to London Bridge.
    A round trip to East Croydon followed, out on 455844 and 455816, then back on 700103.

    Low mileage unit 377302 was next, leading 377321 and 377131.
    The idea was that I would take these through to a winning station on the Epsom line, then pick them up on the way back.
    That didn’t happen.
    The train ground to a halt near Wallington.
    We sat for a while, then an announcement.
    The train in front had failed.

    Happily, we didn’t wait for long but once we got moving there was another announcement; to make up time the train would run non-stop between Sutton and Epsom.
    Sutton it was.

    I still wanted to get a station in on the Epsom line so took 377107 and mileage requirement 377127 to Cheam.
    Here I picked up the earlier three unit set and took them back to Sutton.
    The idea was to re-join 127/107 to get them into the ten-mile club.
    This was achieved with a run to Clapham Junction.
    More 377s followed, with 377613 and 377706 to Carshalton Beeches.

    [​IMG]EMU 377706_2018.06.13_Carshalton Beeches by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    The same pair were then taken to West Croydon for the usual reasons.

    My idea now was to do the tram round to Beckenham Junction.
    Unfortunately, the network was closed.
    How unusual.
    So instead, it was time for some London Overground action.
    Obviously, ten miles and a winning station also suited my needs, so it was 378151 to Shoreditch High Street for 378142 back.

    There was still nothing running on the Tramlink, so it was 377306, 377325 and 377157 to London Bridge.
    The same three units then took me back to Norwood Junction.
    Southern was dispensed with for the day with a run back to the Bridge on 377314, 377304 and 377144.

    Now it was time to make my way to the hotel.
    I began by doing 376023 to Slade Green.
    I’ve not many 376ers, so it was a shame that its partner was a dud, 376006.

    After enjoying the salubrious surrounds of Slade Green station for longer than I would like (thirty-five minutes) I left on 465045 & 465242.
    This was on a Dartford terminator so I had no choice but to change there.

    There were numerous cancellations so I had a lengthy wait before 465022 and 465156 arrived to take me to Stone Crossing.

    [​IMG]EMU 465156_2018.06.13_Stone Crossing by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    The Travelodge I was booked into is right next to the station.
    I was in my room ten minutes after leaving the 465s.
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    4 Sep 2005
    The fourth and final day began early.

    I intended to get a couple of local stations in before I ventured into the Travelcard zones.
    With this in mind, I was on the platform at Stone Crossing just after 05.30.

    First up was Swanscombe and this was visited via the 05.43 departure, formed of 465922, 465154 and 466004.

    Double winners were next, 465915 and 465917, back to Stone Crossing.

    Now it was a trip to Greenhithe, or “Greenhithe for Bluewater” if you prefer.
    This was reached aboard 700031.
    This was my first ever 700/0, but at less than a mile a further run on it is a must at some point.

    It was now time to return to Travelcard territory.
    Even though it was still only 06.20 I got my first duds for the day; these were the triple set that I’d begun on.

    [​IMG]EMU 466004_2018.06.14_1_Greenhithe by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    As I’d done two sides of the triangle to the West of Dartford yesterday I wanted to do the third one today.
    Thus, I left them there and moved to an appropriate service.

    This was the 06.30 to Charing Cross, which was in the hands of 465042 and 465168.
    I took these to London Bridge.

    As well as the usual hopes for today there were several stations in the area that I’d only boarded or alighted at.
    Included in that number was one last Tramlink stop.
    I decided to pay it a visit.

    Yet again, it was the triple set from earlier (465154, 465922 & 466004).
    This time they took me away from London Bridge and to Elmers End.

    Tram 2542 was used for the short hop to Arena, then 2544 to my target, Beckenham Junction Tram stop.
    Alighting here sorted that issue.

    Another place not a million miles away that had the same issue featured now.
    This was Birkbeck.
    455820 and 455845 helped me put that one to bed.
    I hung around and did 455838 and 455835 to Beckenham Junction then all the way to London Bridge.

    [​IMG]EMU 455838_2018.06.14_Birkbeck by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    A winning pair of two car Networkers were next; 466010 and 466015 were working with 465903.
    These were taken to required station Bexley.
    My time here was short but productive; I scored 70810 for sight when it came through on a freight.

    Having enjoyed a winner for sight I now enjoyed a winning treble for haulage.
    465016, 465019 and 466040 being the three units in question.
    I sat in 465019 on his occasion and resolved to ride in the other two later on.

    I knew the thee units that I’d done to Bexley would follow this into London Bridge, so that’s where I bailed.
    465903/466015/466010 took me into Cannon Street and straight back out.
    I had a plan to get those other units in but that was changed when required 465001 produced.
    This was on a Hayes service and was done to West Wickham, then back to Lewisham for mileage accumulation purposes.

    [​IMG]EMU 465001_2018.06.14_2_West Wickham by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Lewisham was another station that was required for alighting at, so it was nice that it perfectly suited my plans.
    I wanted to get the set with 466040 in it for another couple of runs.

    I was expecting 465016 to lead a ten car rake when it arrived, but it was on its own.
    This wasn’t the one I’d ridden in earlier, so that was something.
    Once I was on board I had a look on RTT.
    As a three unit train it had terminated in platform 1 at Dartford.
    The first departure from that platform had obviously been this, which had travelled via Crayford.
    Prior to the next booked arrival at platform 1 there was another London departure, this time going via Falconwood.
    That must be the other units.
    I left 465016 at London Bridge and, after a short wait, my surmising proved correct.
    465019 and 466040 took me into Charing Cross where I re-joined 465016, which was the next departure.

    I had one more thing planned for this move and now was the time to do it.
    To achieve my aim, I needed to head North.
    Naturally, I did this in a roundabout way.

    A couple of years ago, whilst having a Networker chasing day I’d started by doing a 319 from St Pancras to Catford Bridge, then walking to Catford.
    Thus, both of these were required for boarding and alighting respectively.
    This could easily be achieved.
    465016 was therefore taken to Catford before I did the short walk to Bridge.
    I now have forty-four stations on my B/A list – some are easier to get than others (over a quarter are in London); they’re not a priority and I’ll pick them up when convenient.

    700036, my second 700/0 but my first for more than a mile, then took me to Blackfriars.
    Now it was time for a bit of track scratching.
    The short hop to Finsbury Park saw me scoring the Canal Tunnels as well as 700147.

    I still needed one GTR 313 outright, as well as a fair few for mileage.
    As I stepped off 700147 there was a pair of 313s stood in.
    I couldn’t identify the rear set, so using my phone I checked out the coach number.
    It was only my last one!
    Unfortunately, as I moved to board the doors closed and away it went.
    Never mind.
    The chase was on.
    It was a Watton-at-Stone terminator.

    Using RTT, a plan was hatched.
    I had a while before it would be heading back, time to get a couple of mileage requirements in.
    313047 fitted the bill.
    It was working with high mileage 313122 (I seem to get this one every time I visit the area).
    The run to Alexandra Palace didn’t get it over the ten-mile mark, but I didn’t want to go further and miss out on my winner.

    Another low/high mileage pairing was next and once again I didn’t manage to get the lower one to the target.
    This was 313043, working with 313024, which I took to Drayton Park.
    I had to get off here as I wanted a Hertford North service that was due in a few minutes later.
    This time I manged to succeed in getting a 313 into the Ten-mile club.
    313055 & 313048 took me to Crews Hill.
    It was the former that had its club membership approved, with the latter having joined a few years ago.
    Crews Hill was the limit of my Travelcard, so I had to hang around for a bit, letting one set go.

    Eventually the moment I’d been waiting for arrived.
    313045 became my sixty-second member of the class, just two Southern ones needed now.

    [​IMG]EMU 313045_2018.06.14_Crews Hill by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    As a bonus, it was working with a mileage requirement.
    This was 313059.
    These were done all the way to Moorgate, then back out to Finsbury Park.
    By the time I left them I had two more members of the TMC.

    Finsbury Park was in chaos.
    There were cancellations left, right and centre.
    People were being sent from one platform to another, then back again.
    It was now approaching home time.
    My thinking is always that it’s better to be in place for my train home an hour early than two minutes late.
    I had hoped to do the Canal Tunnels Southbound, but that was a no go as nothing was going that way for quite a while.

    My frustration was ended by a pair of low mileage 313s going into Kings Cross.
    When I disembarked 313018 was the newest member of the club but 313062 remains outside it.

    All that remained was for me to loiter at Kings Cross until the inevitable high mileage 91 home.
    This was 91117 – when I arrived on the 313s two of the nine mileage requirements, 91107 & 91120 were stood next to each other, either of them would have done nicely, but no.
    Another excellent move was over.

    To summarise; I had an outstanding 75 winners, 57 of them going straight into the ten-mile club, in addition 9 already unrequired units have joined that club.
    I had my first class 707 haulages and got my last London based 313.
    Yes, I think I can say it was a successful trip.
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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    You might want to check your records for those units used from Sutton to Cheam as they probably wouldn't be 387s :)

    Sounded like a very productive few days in London Mr 13 :)
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    4 Sep 2005
    Ah; typos, obviously - they were 377s.
    I've edited it.
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    10 Aug 2010
    Greater London
    Well done Mr 13, you did well to snare all those third rail units for haulage and all those new recruits to the TMC too. Do I foresee your next multi-day visit to the south east being a little more coastal in outlook to permit the ensnaring of those pesky 313s? Some fab reads there and keep up the good work.
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    16 Mar 2012
    The usual cracking read! A fine and succesful trip there, including a nostalgic (for me) view from Croydon Travelodge.

    Alighting and boarding for shack clearance? Might think about this one. I may have the record gap in this particular competition, though - boarded at Truro (47442) in March 1983, alighted back there in August 2010 (57604)... :)
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    8 Feb 2012
    I'm not sure how I feel about that rule either. Obviously each to their own, and I might find it bugs me one day too, but at the moment I'm happy to walk between two close by shacks to get through them quicker.

    In some ways this feels more worthwhile. As an example, Bromley North to Bromley South takes you through the main town centre, and by doing that move I feel like I've seen more of Bromley than I have of a lot of places where I simply waited at the station for an onward connection.

    Good reading and photos as always. I do like the look of the 707's, somehow the full yellow front gives them quite a different look from the 700's. Yet to sample one personally.
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    West of Andover
    Remember the rules of what counts as a shack score varies person to person, some will count it as just calling there, some with either a board or alight, some will be both boarding & alighting, and some only when they have boarded or alighted from all platforms :).

    I only started revisiting the stations I had only previously boarded or alighted from as I got bored and needed a new challenge and London buses are not fun to do during the summer months when it be hot outside!
  11. ash39

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    8 Feb 2012
    Absolutely. Always interested to read how other people do things though.
  12. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks chaps.

    Keith - The thought of doing a Southern Daysave at some point has crossed my mind :)

    As for the boarding & alighting controversy; well it's only a little peccadillo that's recently come into my mind.
    I read a trip report (sorry - I can't remember who's) where the writer said he only counted stations when he had both alighted and boarded there.
    Then Kite stated that he was revisiting his list.
    In an idle few minutes I counted up how many I'd been to that didn't meet that criteria.
    There were about fifty.
    My rule was, and remains, that I have to board OR alight, however if the chance presents itself then I'll take it.
    As a fan of both architecture and wildlife, leaving the station and having a mooch around is something that I very much enjoy.

    In other news; I've not done much to warrant a full report since I got back from London.
    I've done a few local trips and, in doing so managed to get member number twenty three of the class 91 thousand mile club - 91107.
    I also managed to get no less than three HST power cars that I'd had in the days when I wouldn't lower myself to record the actual move (I've gone far lower than that now :lol:); 43049, 43089 and 43238.

    Today I visited the KWVR for their diesel day but I'll get to that in due course.
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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    It was probably Jamie (185143) as he only counts if he boards & alights from a station
  14. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Since my last update I've continued to have the odd local trip, but nothing too far afield.
    By hanging around West Yorkshire I've managed to get my sub thousand mile 91s down to just seven examples (91105/108/112/119/120/126 & 131) by virtue of adding 91127 to the thousand mile club.
    Unusually, I also managed to get a loco that isn't a 91 into that club with a couple of runs on 90036.
    That became only my sixth member of the class to pass the thousand mark - 90016/021/022/027 & 040 having got there before it.
    My next closest is 90038, on 959.89 miles; as this has been demic at Crewe Electric for a number of years I suspect it'll never join the club.
    In addition, a trip to Doncaster saw me clearing class 66 for sight, with 66432 becoming my 455th Shed to go in the book.
    That's all of them, including scrapped and exported ones.
    My first one was 66014 at Sheffield on the 12th of December 1998; so just under twenty years to see the lot.

    The only move I've done of any great note was the second Sunday of the KWVR 50th anniversary event.
    Days one to seven were steam based (except for a few diesels late on Saturday evening), so were of no interest to me.

    It was a very warm 1st of July; I began by driving to Keighley and having a run to Oxenhope behind one of my second favourite class of locos, 50035.
    I left Oxenhope behind the same loco, but at Haworth loop we stopped and 37401 was added to the front for the run back to Keighley.

    Here I took the opportunity to sample a loco that I never miss the chance of getting a trip on.
    D0226 "Vulcan".
    The beast was enjoyed up the hill to the end of its run at Ingrow West.

    [​IMG]D0226_2018.07.01_1_Keighley by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Another home-based machine, 37075, was next; to Oxenhope and back to Keighley.
    The only winner of the move followed that.
    This was 66784, the formed 66081 and newly named "Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 50th Anniversary 1968-2018".
    The shed had 25059 tucked inside to act as a brake translator.

    I was joined by 45135 and his other half for part of this run - they were visiting Haworth and a winning shed was a convenient way to do that ;) .

    [​IMG]66784_2018.07.01_1_Oakworth_& 25059 by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    This combination was taken for a round trip.
    Once back at Keighley I thought about what to do next.
    I could have done 37401 & 37075 but decided it was far too wedged to endure in the uncomfortable heat.
    A bit of photography was partaken of instead.
    After that I decided to head home.
    A short but productive and enjoyable day :)
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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Some great reads there 55013, this 10 mile club is becoming epidemic within these walls, see what you've started KJ.
    Congrats on getting g that last 313, a trip to the seaside on the the South Coast, will no doubt be looked at for a possible Mr and Mrs 13 break away.
    The Diesel day at the KWVR looked a really good day, D0226, was that one of the ole gas turbine things or an early EE prototype, please excuse my ignorance here. I seriously didn't know it was there.
    50035 certainly seems to be busying itself as it seems 50008 is too.
    As usual some great photos, that shot of winners at Waterloo, is a sign of the Times, hark back 25-30years ago, there would've been 33s, 47s and 50s lurking at the blocks. Progress maybe but not as pleasing on the eyes.
  16. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
  17. 47403

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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
  18. Kite159

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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    Congrats on getting all the 66s into your book of sights, I guess you don't count those renumbered GBRF ones as being required as you had them under their original number?
  19. Keith Jarrett

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    10 Aug 2010
    Greater London
    KWVR sounds great - only done it once and that was with a tea pot (or two). Must go back sometime (sighs, another thing on the "to do" list)

    Mr 403, apologies if this 10 mile thing is getting to you. Just be aware that it's not confined to this place as there are persons outwith this forum are also heavily into the 10 mile thing and some for an awfully long time too (like 40 years+)
  20. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks chaps.
    47403 - I've had a look on YouTube and I can't find a single clip of D0226 that does it justice - it's a proper beast :).

    Kite - Each to their own, of course, but I count the loco (or vehicle) rather than the number; so once I've seen/been hauled by a loco then it's done, regardless of what identity its current owners choose to give it.
    Of course, unit reformations are a different kettle of fish (curse you 175004 - all three of you!).

    Keith - The KWVR is a nice little line and the climb from Keighley to Ingrow is most enjoyable behind a nice loco making a bit of noise.
    As for the ten mile thing, I've seen it done by people in a few different places, right enough; although my inspiration, as pinpointed by 47403 was users of this very forum, in particular you.
  21. 47403

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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Mr KJ until I frequented this forum I'd never heard of it myself but come to think of it, when we done the local.turns we'd never do the leap to Heworth, Blaydon or Manors leap, we used to say whats the.point in that, we always went to Hexham, Sunderland or Morpeth, unless there was something to meet en route. So I guess without realising we were putting stuff in the 10 mile club too.
    Hope it wasnt being taken as me being flippant, as it certainly wasn't meant like that and I apologise if I have offended.
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  22. Kite159

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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    I don't do stuff for sight, but I know people have all sorts of different rules when it comes to having to count stuff again when it gets renumbered (or reformed)
  23. 47403

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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Oh bloody remembering, the absolute nemesis of mine. The class 90s, the worst culprits. They went from being 001-050, then the last 20 or whatever it was, went to 131-150, then back to normal again. Under my rules i had to chase them all again and because they got renumbered back, I had to do it again too. Hence needing 033 and 046 still. HSTs too.
  24. noddy1878

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    23 Jun 2010
    I'm with 55 for the renumbering thing. It's hard enough as it is, so if they change the ID of a loco, for me it doesn't matter. The only time when I feel any different is if the loco changes class (eg 47 to 57. Subclass doesn't bother me). I guess at the end of the day we all have our own rules (and in most cases all identical) and we stick to them.
  25. 87electric

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    27 Jan 2010
    Interesting to see the amount of time to clear your 66s for sight. Did you see 66521? I missed that one. I think its engine is in 66504 now. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. If true then I'm sure there is some way I can count it :D

    I also only need a handful of 91s for the 1000 mark. 101/110/112/115/130. I might get close to ending that challenge with a 7 day East Mids later this month.

    I like reading your reports. Always entertaining
  26. Iskra

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    11 Jun 2014
    Chapeltown, Sheffield
    Sounded like a good trip. When was Vulcan repainted? I've always known her in the experimental BR light blue with swoosh that the prototype Deltic had.
  27. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    I've been away from the forum for a while, mainly due to work and assorted non-railway "stuff".
    Having had two multi-day adventures in June; July was always going to be a bit more sedate and I did very little.
    Before I get to that, though, I'll respond to a couple of things.

    87electric - Thanks for your kind words. I did see 66521; a few times actually.
    I find it interesting that one of your last five 91s is 112, which is also on my list.
    I've seen several accounts that describe it as "a dog" and the most unreliable member of the class, which might explain it.

    Iskra - D0226 was painted green several years ago; certainly it had lost the powder blue livery by the time of the 2011 diesel gala.

    I'm now going to take advantage of Mrs 13's lie-in to go and write a report, which should be up soon.
  28. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    And here we go:

    As already mentioned, July was intended to be a quite month.

    Domestically I couldn’t justify too much and the financial cost of June’s mega-moves required a bit of sensible money management to balance the books.

    When I did have a spare day I stayed local, using my metro-card to good effect.
    The first couple of Fridays in the month saw me clearing the first four Northern 170s out of Leeds
    I didn’t need any of 170475-170478 outright but three of them were required for mileage and/or all coaches.
    That has now been remedied.
    Similarly, former GWR Sprinters were on my wants list, one of which was required for all-time.
    This was 150128 and I roped that in on the 6th.
    The same day also saw me get 153305 into the ten-mile club.
    A couple of low mileage 91s also edged closer to the magic thousand mark.

    The first big move of the month saw me returning to the capital on Friday the 27th.

    As a desperate 91 mileage hound I’d decided to go from Bradford Forster Square on the 06.30 service and return on the 18.33.
    Nice plan.
    Sadly, my hopes of one of those pesky sub-thousand mile locos producing were dashed as it was 91106, in its rather colourful “Great exhibition of the North” livery.

    One hundred and ninety-nine miles later I stepped off it a Kings Cross and pondered my day.
    I decided to go after a few more 707s.

    The short walk to St Pancras low level was completed just as a Sutton service was arriving, which was convenient.
    700038 thus became the first member of the sub class to join the ranks of those units I’ve sampled for over ten miles.
    Wimbledon was where I left it.

    The first unit London bound contained one winner and one low mileage unit.
    The former was 455850, the latter 456013.
    Sandwiched between them was 455912.
    I did these into Waterloo, then out to Clapham Junction to get 5850 over ten miles.

    My goal was 707s, but winning 458s would not be turned down; so I found myself on 458527.
    Its partner was also required, so I left Waterloo on the same pair, this time sat in 458510.
    For mileage and shack scoring purposes I stayed on these to Chiswick.

    [​IMG]EMU 458510_2018.07.27_1_Chiswick by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    The fact that it was a new station wasn’t the only reason I’d chosen Chiswick.
    I’d observed a required 707 working anti-clockwise round the loop and a short wait here meant I could easily meet it.
    This was 707019.

    In order to get it past ten miles I would need to do it back out of Waterloo, but when it pulled in the unit on the adjacent platform was also new.
    I followed my adage of “always take your winners” and jumped on 707020.
    A quick look on RTT and I came up with a plan to get both in club.
    I left 020 at Clapham Junction, waited a few minutes and boarded 019 once more.
    This time I was on it to winner shack Brentford.

    Here I met up again with 020 for a run back to the Junction.
    When I’d visited the area in June there had been one member of the class that I’d had as the second in a winning pair but had failed to actually ride on.
    This was 707003 and I put that failure right with a run on it into Waterloo.
    003 was paired with dud 004.

    An outright winner, 707011, was waiting to leave, so naturally I took it.
    707011 was working with unrequired 707002.
    With only eight now needed to clear the class, I imagine winning pairs are going to be a rarity from now on.
    These units were working a service that went around the loop via Strawberry Hill.
    I stayed on until Wimbledon as getting there the long way round is nearly twenty miles and I was starting to think about home.

    There was still time for a return trip to Waterloo, so that’s what I did.
    Winner 455714 and mileage requirement 455715 taking me there and back again.

    There was another station that I wanted to score, so took 700037 to West Hampstead Thameslink.
    At least, that was the plan.
    At St Pancras, the doors opened, people got off, more people got on and the doors closed.
    Then the driver announced that he had just been informed that the train wasn’t going to stop at West Hampstead!
    Never mind, the next stop after that was in the zones and required, so that would do.
    Mill Hill Broadway was the station in question and it actually proved beneficial as it meant I could get another 700 into the ten mile club on my way back.

    [​IMG]EMU 700037_2018.07.27_Mill Hill Broadway by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    700053 produced (I was hoping for 70039, just to give me a run of three consecutively number 700/0 winners for the day :))
    St Pancras is just short of ten miles from Mill Hill Broadway, but Farringdon is just over.
    I had the time so that’s where I left it.
    Here I realised that I could get another new shack in as I required the underground platforms.
    Thus, I made my way over to the Northbound one and boarded 21065 for the short hop.
    It may be noted that I scored Farringdon LU, even though I’ve not alighted there :)

    I strolled up to the platforms at Kings Cross and into mayhem.
    Whilst I’d been enjoying myself in London my native North had been suffering terrible weather.
    Lightning strikes had taken out much of the signalling in Yorkshire and the ECML was in chaos as a result.
    The weather had taken a turn for the worse in London as well, with lightning filling the sky, thunder roaring and rain bouncing hard off the station roof - I was a bit concerned about getting home at all!

    My train was booked a 91 that was due to arrive from Edinburgh.

    It was still many miles to the North.
    They solved this by running the 18.33 with the set that had just arrived from Hull.
    This was, obviously, a HST.
    On the plus side, it was the ex EMT pair, which included a winner.
    43075 was on the front with 43061 taking up the rear.

    [​IMG]HST 43075_2018.07.27_Kings Cross by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I boarded when the train was announced and took a seat in first class.
    There were no seat reservations but being one of the first on meant I managed to get a single seat in coach 40805, which is the one with “It’s never dull in Hull” vinyl.

    In platform 2 I could see another HST, this one bound for Edinburgh.
    It was wedged, the doors were still open and people were stood looking anxiously up and down the platform.
    The 18.18 Newcastle had been cancelled, so obviously everybody from that was on the Edinburgh.
    It can be seen in the background of my 43075 photo.
    Then, the lights went out and people started to jump off and start running.
    Surely they wouldn’t be getting put on the Bradford, would they?
    Why, yes they would.
    I’ve never known first class be so full.
    People were perched on their cases in the vestibules, whilst others sat on the floor.

    It was ridiculously hot and we were now past our booked departure time of 18.33.
    18.45 came and went and then our first announcement.
    We were awaiting train crew.
    Just after 19.00 another announcement – we now had a driver but no train manager.
    Being asthmatic meant I was starting to find it quite stifling, even though I had a seat.

    Eventually the train manager arrived and we were on the move, forty-eight minutes late.
    The air-con wasn’t doing much but at least we now had a bit of air moving through the carriage.
    No chance of much in the way of refreshments; although a bloke did come through handing out water, which was gratefully received.

    As we were heading North there was an announcement to say that the passengers for stations North of Doncaster should change at Peterborough, where a South-bound service had been terminated.
    This would then do all main stations to Edinburgh.
    The 18.33 isn’t booked to stop at Peterborough, so that added to our delay.
    The relief when so many people disembarked was huge.
    The most annoying thing about it, though, was that the 19.00 Edinburgh and 19.03 Leeds had both departed Kings Cross before us.
    The latter appeared only half full when I’d observed it on the adjacent platform.
    The Newcastle and Edinburgh punters could have been advised about those services.

    The 19.03 had left before us, but it was still late, meaning we were right behind it.
    I wasn’t too surprised when the announcement was made that the train would terminate at Leeds.
    My car was at Forster Square, so I had to have a look at RTT.
    If we lost no more time I could make a Skipton unit to Shipley for another into Bradford.
    We lost more time.
    Leeds was reached an hour and five minutes late.

    I’d missed the train to Shipley so boarded the next one to Interchange,
    This was formed of 158855 and 153360.
    Luckily, it was empty and I could sprawl out a bit.
    When I sat down I discovered a wallet!
    I had a quick look in and it had some id, so I was confident it would find its way back to the owner after I’d handed it in.
    It was just sat on the seat, which makes me think the owner had it in his back pocket.
    I’ve never understood why people do this – surely that makes it easier to lose or get nicked?

    Anyway, my good deed done I walked from Interchange over to my car and finally collapsed into bed just after midnight.
    I didn’t have much time in bed as a certain class 40 was calling my name, but that’s another story.
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  29. 55013

    55013 Established Member

    4 Sep 2005
    The day after my somewhat stressful London shenanigans I had a much more relaxing outing.
    This time I went with a couple of mates and it was to the East Lancs Railway we were heading.

    No winners today, but some excellent haulage was to be had.
    40012 was the attraction and it was to do three round trips, some seventy-two miles of whistler thrash.

    There’s not much to say about the day, other than it was most enjoyable.
    Good company, an outstanding machine on the front and some entertaining driving (not overspeeding, just the driver knew when to ease off and then open up).

    Other than the fact the heavens seemed to open at exactly the same time the train reached either Rawtenstall or Heywood, it was a perfect day.

    AUREOL running round at Heywood in the pouring rain:
    [​IMG]40012_2018.07.28_3_Heywood by Phil Wood, on Flickr
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  30. Kite159

    Kite159 Veteran Member

    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    A busy few local trips grabbing local stuff, plus a good day in London (bar the ECML collapse) & on the East Lancashire line

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