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    6 Mar 2011
    Musselburgh, Scotland
    Congratulations on reaching your targets for the year. Hopefully 2019 holds equally as good fortune for you!
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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Congrats Mr 13.
    As usual a good read too. Always nice to hit your targets. Good luck for next year's assault. I can only assume the 68s on the TPE turns, will be on many folks radar, as well as the 195 fleet, should they be thrust into service, sometime in the new year.
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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks lads.
    I think a 68 or two will feature this year (assuming they actually start in service with TPE before 2020) :)

    I've been snowed under with stuff just recently and not actually done any serious rail trips since my outing to scoop Burnley Manchester Road in during December.
    I hope to have something in the book soon, though.

    In the meantime, I've had a look at my haulage figures at the start of 2019; I shall try to use these as a basis for future plans.

    I've only looked at classes that are still found on the mainline (not including pres stuff that only appear on tours) but rather than see how many are currently main-line registered (I can't be bothered) I've just gone for how many I've had in total.
    Bold indicates class cleared

    08 74/996
    09/0: 9/26
    20: 73/228
    37: 172/309
    47: 329/512
    50: 36/50
    56: 60/135
    57: 33/33
    59: 12/15
    60: 44/100
    66: 79/455
    67: 30/30
    68: 20/34
    70: 2/35
    73: 35/49
    86: 95/100
    87 36/36
    90: 50/50
    91: 31/31

    92: 16/46

    139: 2/2
    142: 94/94
    143: 23/23
    144: 23/23

    150: 129/135
    153: 61/70
    155: 7/7
    156: 96/114
    158: 174/182
    159: 18/30
    165: 46/75
    166: 15/21
    168: 28/28
    170: 113/123
    171: 16/20
    172: 38/39
    175: 26/27
    180: 14/14
    185: 51/51

    220: 32/34
    221: 29/44
    222: 25/27

    313: 62/64
    314: 16/16
    315: 61/61

    317: 40/72
    318: 19/21
    319: 47/86
    320/0: 21/22
    321: 53/117
    322: 5/5
    323: 35/43
    332: 14/14
    333: 16/16

    334: 35/40
    350: 40/87
    357: 26/74
    360: 13/26
    365: 30/41
    375: 47/112
    376: 10/36
    377: 95/239
    378: 22/57
    379: 6/30
    380: 28/38
    385: 2/70
    387: 51/121
    390: 30/56
    395: 17/29
    442: 24/24
    444: 21/45
    450: 20/127
    455: 68/137
    456: 15/24
    458: 21/36
    465: 50/147
    466: 19/43
    483: 5/6
    507: 27/32
    508: 24/27
    700: 12/115
    707: 22/30
    800: 1/80

    I haven't included new units that I've yet to sample.
    My EMUs numbers are quite poor for some classes, mainly because I didn't start chasing them until 2015.
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    4 Feb 2017
    Some interesting stats there. You've clearly done a fair few railtours to get some of those in the book.

    You are 4 ahead of me in 37s for haulage. Now there's a challenge for me to try and catch you up!

    Happy bashing in 2019
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    2 Jun 2018
    I am literally drooling at all of the loco haulage you've enjoyed. I definitely need to enjoy some trips to heritage lines and on rail tours this year
  6. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Oh aye, back in the day my mates and I did three or four multi-traction tours a year.
    I've not done one for a good few years, though.

    There are still a few kicking around that I need, mainly demic ones but there are two that still work - 37059 with DRS and 37703 at Bo'ness.

    Thanks; same to you and all the trip report community.

    Keep an eye on http://www.pleg.org.uk/latest_news.html for diesel events at heritage lines.
    Different lines have wildly different levels of information, but the Bury Diesel Group is very good at informing people what's out on the ELR diesel turn on any given date - http://www.elrdiesel.info/locomotive-roster.php
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    2 Jun 2018
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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    Sadly the days of the old "spin & win" multi loco railtours are mostly over, and the ones which do run tend to be more pricey (i.e. the Pathfinder DRS tour next month). :(

    FYI @The_Train There are a couple trips to heritage lines coming up, including the connection from Network Rail metals, Midland Railway Centre & Weardale. Both are in May and operated by UKR I believe although not ideal for you as both will need overnight stays somewhere as both start from the London area.
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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Very impressive figures there Mr 13. I regret not doing many railtours in my younger days. I still done alright but nowhere near those figures.
    The Diesel Galas seem the way forward now, to catch up on errant classic traction.
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    4 Sep 2005
    January proved to be a month when railways were well down on my list of things to do (though high up on the list of things I actually WANTED to do!).

    My first move of the year was on the 25th of the month and it was utilising the Northern newspaper offer.

    Obviously, this would be about shack scoring.
    As is my usual practice I began before the ticket validity, using my West Yorkshire M-Card.
    155342 took me from Low Moor to Halifax, where I changed for a Manchester bound service.

    I had a few stations in mind and had a vague plan.
    Looking at the timetable I realised that the quickest way to my first target was via the Todmorden curve.
    I had a bit of time and knew that the Leeds - Southport via Brighouse services now often produce 156ers.
    As I still need a few of those for individual vehicles and/or mileage I decided to take ex GWR "Ghost" 153305, working with 158905, from Halifax to Hebden Bridge.
    Here I had short wait before I was rewarded with a ride in 52429 of 156429.
    Another one cleared - including the ones from Scotland there were now nine remaining on my list.
    156429 was paired with 150121.
    This was a considerably more relaxed run than the last time I'd had the 156 - it was the unit I'd done to Ravenglass when I realised I'd lost my camera early in 2018.
    That time I was a bit wound up but today I was a picture of serenity.

    I left these units at Todmorden and awaited my train round the curve, due at 09.35.
    Immediately before this another 156 came through heading towards Leeds.
    This was a biggie for me as it my only previously recorded run on it was an Oxford Road leap, therefore it was wanted for both mileage and for coach clearance purposes.
    Nevertheless;I decided to continue with my plan, all the while with the cogs going in my head and RTT on my phone.

    156466 had nothing new to offer me and neither did its partner 150214.
    Even so, they had to be done to Blackburn, from where I could start my station scoring.
    The first place on the list was my only remaining requirement between Blackburn and Leeds.
    142042 did the deed, taking me to Rishton.

    GWR unbranded blue 150128 was next, through to Cherry Tree.

    [​IMG]DMU 150128_2019.01.25_3_Cherry Tree by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    My original plan had been to leave the 150 at Blackburn and go after the stations towards Bolton, however I'd spotted something I fancied going to Clitheroe so decided to meet that on its return.

    142035 was my ride back from Cherry Tree to Blackburn.
    I've ridden in both vehicles that make up the current 150209, but I'd not yet sampled them together
    Doing this anomaly (formed of 57209 & 57212) was something that I had hoped to be able to do and I wasn't going to miss my chance.
    This unit is supposed to run around with a 153 attached in order to ensure toilet facilities.
    Today it was 153378.

    I rode in the 150 as far as Hall i' th' Wood.

    [​IMG]DMU 153378_2019.01.25_1_Hall i' th' Wood_& 150209 by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    This is a station that, I soon discovered, has a name far more enticing than the area it's actually in.
    My main memory of the place is the inordinate amount of litter defacing the surroundings.

    Another in-comer from the South, although now fully Northern-ised, 150104 took me away from cess-pit and back to Blackburn.
    This service terminated there, so it was the same unit that took me back out.

    I still needed two station between Bolton and Blackburn and if I was in luck I could get them sorted quickly and get another couple in before I caught up with a unit I'd not forgotten about.

    I left 150104 at Bromley Cross before strolling over to the other platform and an easy connection with 150226 & 153359.
    These took me to Darwen where I definitely didn't stroll out of the station, under the bridge and back up the other side.
    I had to get a move on as the Rochdale bound service was due in at almost exactly the same time as the one I'd just got off.
    150223 was stood in as I did my fast walk (never a run) onto the platform.
    OK, it might have been a bit more of a trot.

    Remember the 156 I'd seen at Todmorden?
    I followed its travels through the day and knew it should be working a nicely timed service from Manchester Victoria back over the Pennines.
    If I'd missed 150223 at Derwent I would have done the next service to Victoria and picked it up there.
    As it was, making the earlier service gave me the opportunity for not one, but two, shack scores.

    I left the 150 at Castleton.

    [​IMG]DMU 150223_2019.01.25_1_Castleton by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    If RTT was right, the next train from Castleton towards Manchester should be immediately in front of my wanted 156.
    The Super Sprinter wasn't booked to stop between Rochdale and Victoria.
    I could, of course, have done the unit in front of it to Manchester, but I could get another station ticked off instead.

    It was 150223, on its way back from Rochdale that collected me from Castleton then deposited me at Moston.

    I had time to walk over to the other platform and view the service from Leeds.
    Obviously I was hoping it was the same unit that I seen at Todmorden and would hopefully be working my train back to Yorkshire.

    It was.

    [​IMG]DMU 156488_2019.01.25_Moston by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I couldn't wait at Moston for it because a) it didn't stop there and b) I didn't want to.
    Thus, it was 150112 to Rochdale.

    Here I finally picked up the unit that had been on my mind for most of the day, 156488.
    Riding in 52488 for the twenty-odd miles to Halifax saw the unit cleared for both coaches and receive membership of the ten mile club.

    Once back at Halifax all that remained was for me to hang about until 150135 arrived to take me back to Low Moor.

    Seven new stations, a couple of 156 coaches for riding in and a run on 150209 - not a bad day out for a tenner.
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    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Good to see you've managed at least one trip out despite reality getting in the way, I've been popping in regularly lately and it seems the majority of the regular trip reporters have all been really quiet. Even I've managed to post a trip report!

    Quite a productive little trip for a tenner that fair game, I'm using Northern next month (19th March to be exact) with the 1016 from Crewe to Manchester (I assume that's one of those new Crewe to Liverpool services) for a bargain £2 and the 1220 from Manchester Victoria as far as Bradford Interchange for a bargain £5. Got to get the bus to Leeds-Bradford Airport after that, once that one is done I will just need East Midlands Airport to clear a goal for 2019. The smaller UK airports are going to be a giant pain to do...

    As a local, would you be able to confirm the bus service to the airport serves the bus station next to Bradford Interchange? Perhaps just as importantly, is Pumpkin still near the ticket barriers, or will I find a convenient Pret nearby? It's been many a year since I last saw Bradford so I have no idea what's there these days!
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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    Sounded like a good day trip Mr 13 :)
  13. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks chaps.
    Tech - the Airport bus does go from the Interchange, stand 2 I think from memory.
    As for the Pumpkin, I've no idea I'm afraid.
    There is a small place next to the barriers but I've never noticed who runs it.
  14. D841 Roebuck

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    16 Mar 2012
    In regards to Bradford Interchange catering, some while ago I had a pair of rather good Samosas from somewhere on the station - by the barriers I think, but twas long ago.

    As far as 2019 goes, I've had a tram ride to Manchester and back and that's it so far. Tempted by the gala at the ELR next Saturday, though...
  15. Techniquest

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    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Thanks, will find out in 5 weeks and 1 day about Pumpkin! No doubt it'll get a mention in my trip report, and I think I have a +35 or so from train to bus so plenty of time for a quick coffee!
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    4 Sep 2005
    On Monday the 28th of January Mrs 13 and I embarked on our customary Landmark Trust holiday.
    This time we were heading North, to a small place on the banks of the River Esk, just South of the Scottish Border.

    Obviously, I had my usual free time to partake in some railway action whilst my wife enjoyed some solitude.
    She loved the place and fancied spending a day just sitting and watching the wildlife almost immediately.
    Tuesday the 29th was thus set as my day out.

    Prior to leaving I had purchased several Strathclyde Daytrippers, the idea being that I would use one on my day out and we could have one each if we decided to travel up to the Glasgow area.
    If we didn't then I would have a stockpile for future use.

    My plan for today was to drive to a winning station, head up to Glasgow and see what developed.
    The station I was heading to has a fairly infrequent service and I needed to be there by ten past eight.
    Leaving my wife asleep in bed, I drove away from our abode at 07.15; I'd done my research and it should have taken half an hour, leaving me plenty of time to get parked and purchase my ticket to Glasgow.

    Unfortunately, shortly after setting out the snow started to come down.
    It was a brief, but heavy, fall and despite crawling along I missed my turn.
    The snow stopped and I found my way to Lockerbie.
    Sadly, the delay meant I'd missed the ten past service by ten minutes.
    The next one was due at 09.30, so I had an hour to loiter in the station.
    My wait, in none too pleasant weather, was made even longer by the fact that the TPE I was waiting for lost nearly half an hour on its run North.

    I don't need any 350/4s but there was one that I was hoping would produce.
    I'd only had 350409 on an Oxford Road leap, so it was the only member of the sub-class to await entry to the ten mile club.
    Naturally, I hoped it would be this, but given the way the day had gone so far I didn't expect it.
    My day improved when the unit rolled in and it was just the one I wanted :)

    The unit staggered towards Glasgow, being further delayed by local services that were running on time, and I arrived just after eleven, some two hours later than planned.
    Due to the poor service frequency at Lockerbie and the fact I had promised to be home by five I had a re-think about the Daytripper.
    I had to do the 15.09 TPE service, so just had four hours to kill.
    The decision was made to abandon the planned move and get a cheaper Roundabout instead.

    Like the 350/4s, the 314s were all dud but there were mileage requirements.
    Four members of the class sat on less than ten miles; sadly for me, two of those had already been withdrawn (314206 & 314212), so I considered myself fortunate that the only 314 in the station when I'd bought my ticket was 314211.
    With the end rapidly approaching, this might prove to be my last experience of riding in a 314
    It was working an anti-clockwise Cathcart service and I needed to do it round to the eponymous station to get it in the TMC.

    [​IMG]EMU 314211_2019.01.29_1_Cathcart by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I'd seen nothing that I required as yet, so decided to go after the last few shacks on the branches that come off from the circle.
    A sign of the times as 380115 arrived to take me to Patterton.
    That was the Neilston line cleared.

    [​IMG]EMU 380115_2019.01.29_2_Patterton by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Another dud 380, 380116 was next, to Queens Park.
    This was the simply the best place to meet my next train, which was a Newton service.
    As far as I can remember this was the first time I'd done the connecting curve South of Cathcart.
    It was mileage requirement 320312 that did the honours.
    By the time I got to Burnside the 320 was a member of the TMC.

    [​IMG]EMU 320312_2019.01.29_2_Burnside by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I had a short wait here before the same unit reappeared to take me to Kings Park, my final shack on the Newton line.

    The first thing away from Kings Park was my friend from earlier 314211.
    This really might be my last run on a 314.
    I took it through to Newton.

    A pair of dud 320s were next, 320302 and 320311, to Glasgow Central via Rutherglen.

    Time was running out but I figured I could manage to rope another new station in.
    EMUs were put to one side as it was time for some diesel action.
    Nice mileage and coach requirement 156503 took me to Nitshill.

    [​IMG]DMU 156503_2019.01.29_2_Nitshill by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    All that remained then was to wait for the same unit back to Glasgow then 350404 back to Lockerbie and a much easier drive back to the house than I'd had in the morning.

    Not a bad day out in the end.
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    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    A good mini-spin in Glasgow, good work on some more mileage & shack requirements.

    For a second when you mentioned "station with infrequent service" I had Carstairs pictured :lol:
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    6 Mar 2011
    Musselburgh, Scotland
    A nice day putting to good use a few hours. The 314s really are on their last legs now, sadly.
  19. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks chaps.
    Kite, happily Carstairs isn't a problem, I first visited here in 1989 when there were loco hauled portions to Edinburgh.

    Anyway, our holiday wasn't over.
    A couple of days after my Glasgow soiree my wife and I were heading into Carlisle.
    I didn't want to drive into the city, so we caught the train in.
    Gretna Green was the closest station to where we were staying, so that sufficed as a place to leave the car.
    There was a coach requirement in 156512, so 52512 was where we sat on the way in.
    It was already in the ten mile club, though.

    [​IMG]DMU 156512_2019.01.31_Gretna Green by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    A few hours were spent in Carlisle, the highlight being the Tullie House museum

    57500 of 156500 was another coach required for a ride in before we made our way home.
    It was no longer required when we got back to Gretna :)

    My wife enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the house so much that she decided she wanted another day just chilling and watching the wildlife.
    She decided Friday would be the day.

    With Gretna no longer being on my needs list I decided to head to the next station up the line.
    This was Annan.
    156511 had nothing new to offer me but beggars can't be choosers so it had to be done for the 90 miles to Barrhead.
    156434 was also dud for everything but it's what was sat in the bay at Barrhead, so it was what I took to Kenninshead.

    [​IMG]DMU 156434_2019.02.01_2_Kennishead by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Unfortunately, this was the last photo I got as my camera battery expired.
    There was now just the one station I needed between Glasgow and Barrhead.
    I decided on a plan that would see me go for shacks further out.
    156434 came back and took me to Barrhead, the idea being that I would do it a third time to Priesthill & Darnley then start working my way South.
    This plan changed when I spotted an actual out and out potential winner working a Kilmarnock service.
    RTT was consulted and a new plan formulated.
    156434 was taken as planned to Priesthill, with dud for the week 156512 taking me back to Barrhead.
    A short wait followed before 156435 provided my ride to dud shack Dunlop.
    My first winning traction of the year was 156508 and it went immediately into the ten mile club as I took it into Glasgow.
    The line to Annan isn't blessed with the best service in the world and I now had to start heading back.
    Nice mileage and coach requirement 156446 took me for just shy of 98 miles back to Annan and the week's railway adventures were over.
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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    Nice couple of outings there Mr 13, shame about the delays on the first outing but winner traction on the 2nd, so fate played its hands and rewarded you. Well something like that.
    Big shame about the 314s, I do like a ride on them myself, shame there's no takers, other than scrapyards, for them to roam free elsewhere.
    As usual some great pics. I like that one of 156434 at Kenniesland especially.
  21. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    Thanks 47403 - it's a shame my camera gave up the ghost after that shot!

    Anyway, here's an unexpected update.

    Unfortunately I'm currently laid low with a bug.
    I was planning on doing a few trains this weekend, but as it is I'm housebound :(
    On the plus side, it gives me time to visit the forum.

    Since we got back from our holiday I've managed a single trip of note and that was a visit to the ELR's Sulzer event.

    In addition to the obvious attractions at the Lancs I decided to get a few tram stops in the book.

    My day began with me doing 142089 from Low Moor to Huddersfield.
    185147 then took me to Manchester Victoria.

    Winning tram 3036, paired with 3046, was my ride to new shack number one, Bowker Vale.

    [​IMG]Manchester Tram 3036_2019.02.16_Bowker Vale by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Another new entry to my haulage log was 3008, which I did to Queens Road.
    As with 3036 earlier, 3008 was working with a dud sister, in this case 3059.

    Crumpsall was the next stop to get ticked off my list.
    I made my way there aboard unrequired 3055, which was working solo.

    Also on its own was winner 3029 which I rode for the half mile or so to Abraham Moss.
    That meant I'd cleared all the stops on the Bury line and it was time for me to head off for the main event.

    Dud for the day pairing 3059 & 3008 were provided for the run to Bury Interchange from whence I walked to Bolton Street station.
    Here I met my mate Steve and we embarked on a few hours of Sulzer appreciation.

    First up was 45108, which was in fine form (as were all the locos today).
    This was enjoyed through to Rawtenstall then back towards Bury.

    Here it is running round at Rawtenstall:
    [​IMG]45108_2019.02.16_2_Rawtenstall by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    We had enjoyed the Peak but fancied some type 2 action so left it at Ramsbottom.
    25279 was the power back to Rawtenstall.
    Its more powerful cousin 33109, which had been on the rear, now took up the cudgel as far as Bury.
    Here the big draw of the day was added to the front.
    24054 hadn't worked for several years, so no doubt it was sensible to run it as part of a pair.
    The 24/33 combination then continued to Heywood.

    The 25 had remained on the rear throughout the run and now it took its turn to partner the 24.
    The type 2 pairing was enjoyed through to Rawtenstall before it was back to 24054 and 33109, which we took to Ramsbottom.

    Two locos remained to be sampled and these were on the next service to Rawtenstall, one on each end.

    47402 powered to the end of the line before this fine looking specimen took over for the return.

    [​IMG]47765_2019.02.16_2_Rawtenstall by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    My day at the ELR finished when 47765 reached Bury.
    I bade farewell to Steve and strolled to the tram stop.
    A required pair of trams, 3054 and 3051, were taken back to Victoria.
    185134 was my ride back to Yorkshire and the day finished with the same unit it had started on, 142089, although somewhere along the way it had joined forces with 153351.

    Altogether an enjoyable day out.
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  22. Techniquest

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    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Some good times in Scotland there, despite the weather and camera issues!

    The ELR event sounds like it was a really good time too, and you've reminded me I still have two stops to do on Metrolink (and a revisit to Shaw as I did that before the rebuild). Given I'm in Manchester in just over 2 weeks this may need to be rectified...
  23. 87electric

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    27 Jan 2010
    You're back on the rails then?
  24. 47403

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    21 May 2012
    Geordie Republic of Gateshead
    When I saw the Sulzer event advertised, I have to admit, it looked like it's be a cracking day on the ELR.
    When I first started reading thos post, I had a feeling 24054, she'd be the object of your desires.
    I've since read on Twitter, by Pip Dunn, no less, that 24054 was faultless and by the the pictures I've saw of it too, It certainly looked the business as well.
    After reading your post, the Sulzer event, sounded like an tremendous day out indeed, oh and I totally agree, 47765 is a fine specimen.
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    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Honestly, while I try to re-bury some old memories, I don't know. I am and I'm not. I have been weighing up the pros and cons for 5 days, no exaggeration, and I still don't have a firm answer.

    The fact I'm angry at myself for mis-reading 802005 as 800005 (and flagging it as a result) earlier at Ledbury, however, suggests I'm back. Being frustrated about it in front of attractive lasses suggests otherwise...
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    2 Jun 2018
    Some more top days out there @55013 and the ELR event looked a good one

    Look forward to your next outing
  27. 55013

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    4 Sep 2005
    I've been extremely busy of late, a situation that's likely to continue for the next three and a half years, meaning my visits to the forum have been very infrequent.
    That doesn't mean actual train trips have been neglected, though.
    My first big move of the year saw me spending a few days in that there London.

    Mrs 13 was going to head to Bridlington at the same time, so I decided that, as there was no need to be at home on the Wednesday evening, I would head down after work and start my unit chasing first thing on Thursday morning.

    I have a few hours TOIL accrued at work so arranged to leave at 16.30 instead of my usual 18.00.
    As an aside; instead of my usual Friday off, I'd worked a morning a few weeks previously covering for a colleague.
    The afternoon was spent doing a quick shack scratch, with Ashton-under-Lyne being roped in.

    The 6th of March had begun with my usual walk to Low Moor which was followed by 158848 to Halifax on the 07.39.
    Nine hours later I joined 150225 for the run from Halifax to Leeds.
    I was booked on the 18.15 to Kings Cross, a service that I'd checked and was booked a 91.
    Sadly, but not unusually, there had been some set swapping at the London end and the loco that should have gone to Leeds went instead to Edinburgh.
    The Leeds service was now formed of the train that had come in from Aberdeen.
    I'd ascertained all this from RTT before I reached Leeds, so I knew my 91 mileage figures weren't going to improve.
    I still need 43272 of the LNER fleet.
    Naturally, that wasn't what I got.
    High mileage 43309 and 43307 did the deed.
    I don't chase HSTs but do go after 91s; nevertheless my mileage off these two is greater than that of my lowest couple of the electrics.

    Once at Kings Cross I strolled over to St Pancras and the first winner of the move, 700134, which was taken to East Croydon and my usual Travelodge.

    Thursday began with a full breakfast before walking round to East Croydon.
    It was still early and rush hour was in full swing.
    Trains towards London are best avoided at that time of day, so it was away from the capital I headed.
    My plan was simple - fill the busy time with some new stations, then go after traction later.
    377606 was first up, which was nice as it was a mileage requirement.
    By the time I left it at Caterham it had joined the ten mile club.

    [​IMG]EMU 377606_2019.03.07_Caterham by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Winner 377619 was stood in waiting to depart, I had time to get a couple of photos before I boarded for the 2 and a bit mile run to Whyteleafe.

    Required 455839 took me all the way from Whyteleafe to Whyteleafe South.
    It had a partner and that was dud 455842.
    I hung about for a bit then re-joined them for a longer run.
    Winning station Streatham was where I left them, ensuring 839 joined 842 in the TMC.
    Obviously by now rush hour was over but I had one more shack I wanted to rope in and that was Kenley.
    This was reached on new to me 455803 and mileage requirement 455821.

    [​IMG]EMU 455821_2019.03.07_Kenley by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    The same pair were then taken back to East Croydon and a change of tactic.
    700114 was taken to London Bridge.

    It was Southeastern that I was now interested in.
    Winning pair 465021 and 465183 were first, to Belvedere.
    465038 was working with 465015.
    The latter was dud but was needed for riding in, so I took them into Charing Cross, where I left 038, walked down the platform and boarded 015 for the short trip back to London Bridge.
    Also required for riding in was 465183.
    I'd sat in 021 earlier but hadn't forgotten its compadre.
    RTT had been studied and I knew what they would be doing, so it was just a case of waiting a few minutes before they arrived from Cannon Street and I was on my way to Westcombe Park.

    A triple set was next, but not a very exciting one.
    Requirement 465171 was sandwiched between 466036 and 466009.
    These were taken for the five miles into Cannon Street.
    171 remained under ten miles, but I decided to forego another run on it and get something new instead.
    376013 and 376004 provided me with the right stimulation and so I was off to Erith.

    [​IMG]EMU 376004_2019.03.07_Erith by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Another pair of the same type, 376034 and 376001, took me back to London Bridge where I met up with the earlier pair for a run in 004.
    376001 was a source of interest for me.
    I'd now had it twice, both times when it had been the other unit in a pair.
    Luckily it was on the London end as I had two minutes to get from 376004 to 376001 at Cannon Street.
    The evening rush was now getting going, so it was standing room only in 61101 as I made my way to London Bridge.

    Getting away from London as quickly as possible was now my objective.
    Southeastern was bade farewell and it was back to Southern.
    Winner 377617 was on the blocks.
    It was wedged so I made my way down to the front unit.
    Sadly this was a dud, 377622.
    Nevertheless, that's where I went.
    I had a plan.
    This was a Caterham/Tattenham Corner splitter.
    I would stay in the front unit until the splitting point, which was Purley, then stroll back and join the, hopefully now less wedged, unit on the rear for a run to the end of the line.
    Nice plan, shame it didn't work out.
    Purley was reached without incident, I made my move and found a seat on 377617.
    Then an announcement was made.
    The line to Caterham was blocked, meaning the front unit couldn't go.
    This, in turn, meant the rear set wasn't moving either and the service was cancelled.
    What to do?
    I saw a London bound service was due in, so rapidly made my way over for it.
    700058 pulled in and I was London bound once more.
    The cogs in my head were spinning.
    The worst of the rush hour would be over, so I could say aboard until London Bridge, then do something back out to East Croydon.
    Then I had a thought.
    In my race to get away from Purley I'd not touched out with my Oyster.
    I'd last touched in at 17.40.
    Going out at London Bridge wasn't possible without incurring a penalty, similarly touching out elsewhere after 19.20 was a no-no.
    I had to forego mileage and bail from the 700 at Norwood Junction in order to remain inside the time limit.
    You never get this problem with a paper Travelcard.
    I was now ready for something to eat so got another winner for a sub ten-mile run.
    This was a new class for the move in the shape of 378144, which was taken to West Croydon.

    The day finished with tram 2534 round to Wellesley Road and a visit to Sainsbury.
    After that it was back to the hotel, phone my wife, eat my food and have an early night.
    On the whole I was happy with the day, although the end had been a bit frustrating.
  28. Kite159

    Kite159 Veteran Member

    27 Jan 2014
    West of Andover
    A productive day for new units to your TMC & some new stations. Shame about the Purley farce but these things happen
  29. 55013

    55013 Established Member

    4 Sep 2005
    Day 2 began in the same way as day 1, with a full breakfast at my hotel.
    The plane for today was broadly similar to the previous morning - avoid the worst of the rush hour by heading away from the big city.

    After failing to get the Tattenham Corner branch in the previous day I decided to make another attempt.
    That plan was changed when the splitter arrived.
    The front set, bound for Caterham, was 377625, whilst the Tattenham Corner unit was dud 377614.
    The Caterham line was cleared, so I didn't want to go there again.
    A new plan was formulated.
    I sat in 625 to Purley, then changed to 614.
    This left me behind at Kingswood.
    I chose here as there was a short wait for another unit back to Purley.
    This was 377704.
    The other advantage of getting this unit was that it coupled up to 377625 for the run to London.
    This meant that both units would then join the TMC.

    At London Bridge I once more made my way over to the Southeastern side.
    The first few units were dud, so I eventually settled on 465010 and 465028.
    These were on a Hayes service.
    All the stations on the Hayes line were visited a while ago, so no need to think too much about where to bail.
    The first station after the ten mile mark had been reached would do.
    Eden Park was the place.

    The next Hayes service was another pair of Networkers, 465169 and mileage requirement 465177.
    I took these through to Hayes then back to London Bridge.

    My class 376 numbers had been very poor prior to this move.
    The winners from yesterday had improved things, but I wanted more.
    Nice pair 376008 and 376033 fitted the bill.
    I took them into Charing Cross, then out to Eltham.

    [​IMG]EMU 376008_2019.03.08_Eltham by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    The move was then done in reverse, this time with 376007 and 376031.
    031 was sat in to Charing Cross, with 007 being sampled to the Bridge.

    I was pleased with my 376 and 465 scores but wasn't happy with the fact that so far I hadn't got a new 466 in the book.
    Earlier in the day I'd seen a couple and worked out what they should be doing.
    466003 led sister 466021 and unrequired 465241.

    [​IMG]EMU 466003_2019.03.08_1_Cannon Street by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    I sat in one into Cannon Street then the other out to Albany Park.

    The first train away from Albany Park was low mileage 465049 and dud from the previous day 465183.

    [​IMG]EMU 465183_2019.03.08_Albany Park by Phil Wood, on Flickr

    Seven miles was more than enough to satisfy me, so I left them at St Johns.

    Once again it was rush hour time; I didn't want to get caught up in all that so decided to go anti-clockwise to Woolwich Arsenal.
    The power for this was provided by a pair of low mileage units, 465167 and 465242.

    I decided to return to London via the long way round, so did a Crayford terminator.
    This was winner 376011 and 376030.
    I fully expected that, although nominally a Crayford service, it would end up working all the way round.
    My reading of RTT proved right and I stayed on 376011 until it reached London Bridge.

    I was now time to be heading back to my hotel and I did this via 700154 to East Croydon.
  30. Techniquest

    Techniquest Veteran Member

    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Quite some busy days in London! Rather productive too, and I would have probably done the opposite to you and crammed myself in with the commuters to take full advantage of peak extras/peak formations. Especially so on Southeastern where it seems half the fleet have an easy day for much of it on depots!

    You've reminded me to find my EMU needs list from last year, as I did two 319s yesterday and I have no idea if I needed either of them yet! Another task for today, which is all about trying to catch-up with everything before I jet off again.

    3.5 years of busy times for you? That sounds rather curious. Curiouser and curiouser...

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