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9th December North London

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Julian G

Established Member
9 Jun 2005
-71000 DoG at Earl's Court Steaming at 10:56
- Brought myself Z1-6 TC for £4.80 :o using a special green card :toothy8:
- Kensington Olympia-Willesden Junction - 313113
- Willesden Junction-Camden Road - 313114
Camden Road
66536 passed at 11:59 heading Westbound to Primrose Hill
47854+57601 passed at 12:06 heading Westbound taking the Brondesbury Line
59002 thrashed a bit passing at 12:44 heading Eastbound to DC Lines
325006/001/007 passed at 13:06 heading Westbound to Primose Hill
66576 passed at 13:06 heading Eastbound to AC Lines
- Camden Road-West Hampstead 313114
- West Hampsted- Finchley Road 96TS Plastic
- Finchley Road- Baker Street A60+62
- Baker Street-Edgware Road C-stock
- Edgware Road-West Brompton C-stock
- West Brompton- Location XYZ Walk
Turn-Around for 1 hour, Drop off Camcorder
- Location XYZ- West Brompton Walk
- West Brompton-Clapham Junction 377208
Clapham Junction
37609/37611 roar like HELL, GIVE MIGHTY THRASH! and some clag passing platform 13 at 16:11
59202 Prehistoric Ying passed platform 6 at 16:11
73107 was parked at Kensington Siding (between P2 and P3)
- Clapham Junction-West Brompton E-Thrasy 313110
- West Brompton- Home via Location XYZ Walking
Not open for further replies.