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A bit about a Routemaster article I wrote.

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Simon E

12 Oct 2020
Burton on Trent
I started a thread about the APT in another section as research for an article I was writing, I got some great information on it and then mentioned that previously I'd written one about Routemasters @MotCO suggested I post a bit about it here in the bus section.

The Routemaster article has been accepted by a national nostalgia glossy (I'll name it when published) and will probably be published in the next couple of months, The APT one hopefully will be published a few months after in the same magazine.

The Routemaster article consists of history including the Aldenham works, I then visited a company than runs 3 of them which is owned by a really nice chap and had lots of interesting information and had bought the drawings and rights to get some parts remade to sell. I then discussed the new Routemaster and the Yutong City Master a modern take on the traditional Routemaster, still front engined with separate cab and a conductor built initially for the city of Skopje in Macedonia.

I'll post details of the magazine when it hits the shelves.

If you do want to read an article of mine here's a link to one NON TRAIN/BUS RELATED unfortunately though. I hope this link is allowed, its just to show my writing style. Its an article I can show you as obviously I don't share full articles anywhere until published.

Its from the current issue (December 2020) of Derbyshire Life - Derbyshire Life - Halter Devil Church

Here's a couple of photos Ive used in the Routemaster article (the company provided a few more for the article of his other buses)

RM B+W.jpg

Ben platform.jpg
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