A Few Mid-Hants Railway Pictures.

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    26 Jul 2010
    Afternoon All,

    I recently had a steam fix at the Mid-Hants. Well, you know what they say : When it's Spring, an old man's fancy turns to...steam! It was the 'Day Out With Thomas' event, so be warned, there are a few pictures with faces on which some may find disturbing. Not that my grandsons complained! It seemed to be bringing the punters in though, so I hope that they made sufficient profit to make it worthwhile.

    Anyway, if anyone would like to see the pictures, this is the first one in the Photostream :

    [​IMG]RD10677. 34007 WADEBRIDGE at Ropley. by Ron Fisher, on Flickr

    See! I've got some pictures without the faces showing.

    They can also be found in this album :


    Hope that they are of interest.
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