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Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by Ivo, 16 Nov 2011.

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  1. Ivo

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    8 Jan 2010
    Bath (or Southend)
    Hi all,

    By chance, would anyone happen to have a selection of photos of Brighton station in its post-refurbishment state that they would be happy to share with me please? I ask this because, as shown in this thread (from last month), I am writing a novel which has a rather major scene set in and around Brighton station. Strictly speaking, this scene is set in the future, but given the station has recently been modernised I am under the impression that it is unlikely to change drastically again in the period between now and the date in question.

    In particular, I would like to ask for at least one of the interior "hall" and one of the station forecourt (the "bus station" area), with a particular emphasis on the architecture involved in both cases. I would rather not use NRE for this, because its pictures tend to be shot in inconvenient locations for this kind of use.

    Thank you in advance :)
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