A Suprise for James Dunn!

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6 Sep 2005
Yesterday (23.12.05) was RailChat forums Xmas meet/P*ss up in Reading

One of the atendees was a fellow forum member and a freind of mine, James Dunn, who im sure you are all familliar with.

If not, this may jog your memory: http://andiday.fotopic.net/p1089439.html


Anyway, before we ventured to the pub, it had been cunningly planned (staying a secret form James throughout :) ) that James 'pet' loco, 66526 'Steve Dun (George)' was in Reading yard that day and it had been arranged to have the loco leave the yard and be sittting in the Station as James arrived form Paddington. A few problems with a Path into the station and a Platform at Reading caused a few last minute hick-ups and more importantly, we wernt sure if we had a driver till a few minutes before or 'slot'. Luckily, everything fell into place and after a short wait on P.10, 66626 ran around and gracefully rolled into the Bay paltform, much to James' delight. Here are the pictures of this, quite frankly, touching event. We all got to cab the loco and generally have a look around this special loco. Also, later in the Pub, James was presented with a 00 scale, super detailed Bachman model of 526. It really brought a tear to my eye:
Thanks to GNBH, SF and SB for collaborating and making this happen!

66526 sits on Reading West yard, photted through the Window of my 1000 HST frm Bristol Temple Meads

James, dressed as an elf! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: , admires a Turbo, still unaware of whats soon to arrive as we loiter on the platform!

After firing through the station to run around, 66526 rolls into the East end bay (P.10) where James finally kops on!!

James in 526s cab

Looking through 526s front windscreen, with a nice reflection of the loco in 165127s windows

After 10 or so minutes, 526 has to return to Reading Yard, so it leaves the platform and trots off back to the Yard with an extra passenger ;) ;) ;)

The super-detailed Bachman model of 66526, complete with cast Nameplates.

And its new owner!

A few ;) cabshots!!

526's 55K Leeds Midland Road cast Shedplate :D :D :D
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10 Jun 2005
Think everyone had a fantastic day :D . Sadly I couldn't stay beyond 6pm (without spending the night in a bus shelter somewhere...), but that didn't stop me enjoying the time I was there!

Was worth it just to see James' face when 66526 ran slowly through the goods lines then back onto the bay platform ;) :) .
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