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    12 Nov 2008
    Topic arises from my post in October,

    If you're a seldom traveller who's stranded in a maze
    Of railway lines and timetables and noticeboard displays;
    An ostrich who doesn't know their EMU from their DMU,
    And your heart keeps going tickTOC when you're not sure what to DOO;
    Afraid to make a NRCoC-up (oops) or to BOJ your special journey -
    Then the excellent RailUK Forums are the bestest place to learn'ee!

    Here are a few I've sussed out, I hope they are correct:

    ATOC Association of Train Operating Companies
    CIV (French) Convention Internationale pour le transport des Voyageurs
    DOO Driver Only Operation
    NRCoC National Rail Conditions of Carriage
    NRE National Rail Enquiries
    NXEA National Express East Anglia
    RPI Revenue Protection Inspector
    TOC train operating company
    TVM Ticket vending machine
    XC Cross Country

    Many others at
    "originally produced by the Railway Systems Group at the University of Sheffield in co-operation with Railtrack and other organisations. Experts at the University of Sheffield now update the list on a regular basis"
    ... no point my reinventing the wheel!
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