Aberdeen connection: Scotrail / Easct Coast

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22 May 2008
This Friday I'm catching the 07.52 from Aberdeen to Kings Cross. I've got an advance ticket specifically for this train. I'm coming from Inverurie that morning and getting a train from Inverurie that arrives 15 minutes before the London train departs. The minimum connection at Aberdeen is 5 minutes.

As I will have two separate tickets for the two trains, what happens if the first train is late and I miss the London train? Would East Coast put me on a subsequent train or would I lose out completely?
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12 Aug 2007
If the train from Inverurie arrives late, at Inverurie, discuss this with the on-board staff
This train normally arrives into Platform 6N, so you should be able to see the East Coast train as soon as you are on the platform in Platform 5
If the 07:52 has already departed Aberdeen, then obtain authority from the on-board staff to stay on this Inverurie - Glasgow service (which they should agree to)
You can change at Perth for the next East Coast service, this should be acceptable (40 minute wait) departing 09:56

If the on-board staff do not agree to you staying on this service, which I would doubt, then go to the Station Managers office, under the footbridge, at Aberdeen
They too will probably realise you should have stayed on the Inverurie - Glasgow service, and if it is stil there will put you on it
Otherwise (if this service has departed), will put you on the 09:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross
If this happens, this now makes you two hours late, you would be entitled to compensation, but you may be able to negotiate a free First Class upgrade (the Station Manager will discuss this with the crew from the 09:52 service)
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