Accessing Glasgow Salkeld St Parcels Station

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    7 Nov 2013
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    Does anyone know how trains accessed Salkeld Street Parcels Station in Glasgow?

    Browsing through old LMR Working Timetables from the 1970s, among other interesting workings on the WCML are a number of daily trains to and from Glasgow Parcels Station.

    As I understand it, this was a dedicated parcels depot opened by BR at a former inner-city goods yard following closure of Glasgow St Enoch & Buchanan St stations.

    Looking at rail maps and track diagrams, the Salkeld Street yard seems a difficult place to access from the WCML. In fact inconvenient from any direction apart from the Paisley lines.

    Does anyone remember which route(s) main-line trains used to get to the Parcels Station?
    - Ran into Glasgow Central and were drawn back?
    - Along the Clydesdale lines from Larkhall Jn then reversal at Shields Jn?
    - The long way around via G&SW and Newton-on-Ayr?
    Whichever way it was, it must have been a bit of a faff.
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