Allowed routes on Colchester-Stratford (London) or Colchester-London Liverpool Street

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by gmather, 21 Apr 2015.

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  1. gmather

    gmather New Member

    16 Apr 2015
    Good morning all

    I am new here and I have tried to get my head around the routing but seem to be failing thus far.

    Basically I would like to know wether by buying either a Colchester-London Stratford or Colchester-London Liverpool Street season ticket/monthly ticket/whatever would I be allowed to travel to Cambridge or at least via Cambridge on that ticket?

    A bit cheeky but just wondering if it's allowed.

    Kind regards

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  3. 30907

    30907 Established Member

    30 Sep 2012
    North Lancs Loop
    Haven't bothered to look at the Routing Guide but a quick check on NRE says the fare is almost double that way. Not unreasonable - immediate reaction was "why ever would it be allowed".

    A season ticket from somewhere like Bury would presumably cover you both ways if you seriously wanted to.
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  4. ainsworth74

    ainsworth74 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    16 Nov 2009
    Routeing guide says that only map CO applies for Colchester to London and Stratford. Map CO only permits journeys down the GEML so unless there is a direct Colchester London/Stratford via Cambridge service then no it isn't a permitted route.

    I'm not sure why there would be any expectation that it would be to be honest!
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