Alphabet Stations Challenge


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23 Mar 2011
Here's a nice straightforward game for the summer, from Dom395.

The first player posts a station name beginning with 'a', then the next one beginning with 'b', and so on.

When we get to the end, lets go straight back round to 'a'. Don't post two consecutive letters!

You may play stations on Light Railways, Heritage and other railways in England, Scotland and Wales.
But if you do play a station not on the National Rail or London Underground network, please include the name of the network that station is on. EG: "Buchanan Street (SPT Subway)" or "Aylsham (Bure Valley Railway)". Closed stations are not allowed. Further to this stations that don't have any train service (for example Barlaston and IBM) are also not valid.

I'll start with Albany Park.
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