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Anglia Summer Saturdays Diesel Feast

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12 Oct 2012
Summer Saturday Loco Hauled - its a feast! On 16th, 23rd & 30th July the Mid-Norfolk Railway will run diesel hauled trains as well as steam. Why not make an early start and join us for breakfast in the restaurant car aboard the 09.30 from Dereham or the 10.30 from Wymondham Abbey, hauled this week (subject to availability) by 47596? An All Day MNR Rover is £14, and if you plan your day carefully, you should be able to fit in the Class 37 and Class 68 hauled trains operating some Abellio services on the Wherry Lines from Norwich to the coast too!
An Anglia Plus ticket (not valid on the MNR) covers the whole local mainline network, and will take you on FirstBus services between Norwich and Dereham as well. At Wymondham, allow at least 20 minutes from Abbey Halt MNR to the mainline station. Get planning!
Details: http://www.mnr.org.uk/category/news/
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