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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by creamygem, 22 May 2015.

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  1. creamygem

    creamygem New Member

    14 Feb 2015
    I applied for a team leader role and so far this is what my status is saying.

    Application Under Review........10-May-2015 14:03:33
    Application Accepted..............11-May-2015 07:04:05
    Application Under Consideration..........12-May-2015 10:28:42
    Application under consideration for assessment 2.... 18-May-2015 14:03:05

    I phone on the 19th and i was told the hiring manager has got my application. Any hints to get myself prepared for either interview/assessment. I was told there's no assessment for the role. I really want this job and i want to prepare so hard for it . I do not mind assessment or whatever comes my way. Just want a brief insight of what to expect and whats the shift pattern like.
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