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Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by hornbyfan99, 8 May 2015.

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  1. hornbyfan99

    hornbyfan99 Member

    5 May 2015
    How come mainline AOCLs now have the speed sign as as St Andrews cross with speed underneath than having the combined speed and whistle board?

    I also want to know when the AOCLs were commisioned on the WSR

    Finally as the Cambrian line is ERTMS signalled is there a need for the white light indicator and the speed signs?
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  3. edwin_m

    edwin_m Veteran Member

    21 Apr 2013
    I think the St Andrews Cross means the speed restriction only applies until the front of the train reaches the crossing, unlike other speed restrictions which must be obeyed until the tail of the train has left the restriction.

    Cambrian AOCLs aren't integrated with the ERTMS system so the driver needs a separate confirmation they are working. See this accident report:
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