Arriva Trains Wales class 150 and Pacers

Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by 387star, 9 May 2015.

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  1. 387star

    387star Established Member

    16 Nov 2009
    Are ATW refurbishing the 150s at the moment?

    Seems to be a very slow process with a gradual repaint into the new scheme but recently I see the new upholstery and repainted interiors

    Will new toilet modules and other necessary pre 2020 work soon follow?

    Meanwhile I watch the class 142/143 with interest as a delay with electrification could cause problems?
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  3. gareth950

    gareth950 Established Member

    3 Nov 2013
    Some, though not all, of the ATW 150 fleet are arriving back from their exterior re-paint with the interiors having been given a refresh, including new seat covers, flooring, panelling and a deep clean. I wouldn't go so far as too call it a refurbishment and the choice as to which 150s are getting the interior refresh does seem to be completely random.

    If the 2020 deadline wasn't looming I'd say that if all of the 150 fleet was getting the interior refresh and deep clean at the same time as the exterior re-paint that would be enough to see them through to electrification.
    Unfortunately some of the 150s are arriving back from the re-paint still very tired and worn inside.

    The 142s aren't being touched at all and again some of the 143s have been re-painted but all have been left untouched inside.
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