Astute on the posh express: 68003 hauling the Northern Belle to Darlington

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  1. Jaybee60163

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    27 Apr 2011
    Hi All

    On seeing the Northern Belle yesterday and the formation containing a 68, I couldn't resist the chance of going out for it again today with it still been in the area to work the train again today from Cleethorpes to Darlington. I managed to capture both the ECS hauled by 66426 with 57305 dead in tow and 68003 bringing up the rear, and the service train with 68003 at the head of it. I managed to capture both my shots within 1 mile of each other and can be found at the following links:-

    66426 + 57305 + 68003 on 5Z75 ECS to Cleethorpes

    68003 leading 1Z75 to Darlington (BEST SHOT OF THE DAY)

    Kind Regards

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