Auchinleck to Canning Town for Tuesday 4th September

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8 Aug 2012
Hello, I got refererred by a freind to come here. I am travelling down to Excel Centre for paralympics on Tursday 4th September from Auchinleck (scotland (AUK) and get told for London euston £121.90 as it cant find Canning Town which is train station next to it. I plan to stay in London overnight and return next day back home.

I hope you can help.

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28 May 2012
Yes you need a ticket Auchinleck to Euston. Canning Town is another 40 minutes or so away by underground, but you don't need to worry about that now.

The route is Auchinleck - Carlisle, Carlisle - Euston.

The £121.90 fare is the flexible off-peak return. You can book non-flexible Advance tickets instead.

It might be easier to buy a return to Carlisle on the day, for £19.70, and then just book Carlisle - Euston, as this will give a better choice of fares.

Most trains are currently £41.50 from Carlisle to Euston, but the 14:49 is only £32.

Coming back the next day it's a similar story if not more expensive.

Most likely you are looking at £41.50 * 2 + £19.70 for the Auchinleck - Euston tickets, so around £102.70, which is a small saving on the £121.90 you mention, but not really great considering you are tied to specific trains.

That's from

Looking at you can sometimes get slightly cheaper fares, but in this case not really - they are still around £103.

To Canning Town you can use your games Travelcard


5 Dec 2011
Canning Town to Excel is about a 20 minute walk - though it is well sign posted.
The nearest station to Excel is Custom House, on the DLR. The DLR is running a very intensive frequency during the Games. (Your games travelcard is valid on the DLR).

The counter-intutive, but fast / easy / uncrowded route is:
Walk five/ten minutes from Euston to St Pancras.
Take Javelin to Stratford Intl.
Change at Stratford Intl towards Canning Town - some services go direct onto route past Excel, or you may need to change at Canning Town.
Games Travelcard is valid on all that route.
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