Automatic route generator?

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23 Oct 2006
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On the subject of generating routes in BVE, I have an idea for something that might save us a lot of time when doing this. To help me with this, I'll need a FULL diagram of a service, complete with all headers, notes and any other information that might be found in such a diagram. This would preferably be a long route with station "flybys" and calls, junction "flybys" and suchlike. :)

If someone could please obtain such diagrams from both TOPS and TRUST for exactly the same service (So that I can see the differences between header and service layout etc.) then I would be very greatful. As an example, an ideal route for what I have in mind would be a VWC service between Euston and Glasgow Central. 8)
Obviously, please only post service diagrams that do not contain any sensitive or other "not for public" information as what I have in mind would need to work on TOPS/TRUST information entered by the end user, aside from the fact that it would be posted in this forum! :)

If anyone could post this information (In NR General Discussion/TRUST Help please!) then I would be able to start work on it. I will point out that this project will probably take a while to complete, but any information, updates, and beta versions that I come up with will be posted in this thread. :)

Please excuse my cross-posting of this message, but it's relevant to both TOPS/TRUST and BVE, and I would like to post this information where it will get the most exposure. Any questions or suggestions for this project should be posted in this thread. 8)

Farewell...And thanks in advance for any information that you can give! <D
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