Ayrshire, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Holytown and more 13-17.4.15

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    12 Feb 2012
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    some photos taken this week including 87002 at Edinburgh Waverley, 90035 in full sun at Carlisle and 68007 and 68004 on the Fife Circle ECS moves


    156458 arrives at Kilmarnock with a service from Glasgow Central 13.4.15
    All over grey liveried GBRF 66 66747 passes through Kilmarnock with 4S48 Doncaster - Greenburn Mining, empty coal working 13.4.15
    380021 at Troon with a service from Ayr - Glasgow Central 13.4.15
    66736 heads south through Troon with 6H97 Hunterston - Drax loaded coal 13.4.15


    92036 heads north through Carlisle with 6S94 Dollands Moor - Caledonian Paper Mill, Irvine Slurry Tankers 15.4.15
    66430 heads south through Carlisle with 6K05 Carlisle Yard - Crewe Basford Hall engineers 15.4.15
    66849 heads south through Carlisle with 6J37 Carlisle Yard - Chirk loaded timber 15.4.15
    66565 heads north through Carlisle with 4S41 Fiddlers Ferry - Hunterston empty coal 15.4.15
    66529 heads north through Carlisle with 4S08 York Holgate - New Cumnock Up Law Mining empty coal 15.4.15
    66155 heads south through Carlisle with 6E50 Carlisle Yard - Tyne Yard engineers 15.4.15
    37605 stabled in Platform 8 at Carlisle 15.4.15
    90035 on the centre track at Carlisle before heading south light engine 15.4.15
    66129 heads south through Carlisle with an unidentified light engine movement 15.4.15
    66549 heads north through Carlisle with 4s42 Fiddlers Ferry - Hunterston empty coal 15.4.15
    DRS DBSO at Carlisle Kingmoor 15.4.15


    Borders Rail all over advert liveried 170414 seen stabled at Haymarket Depot 16.4.15
    156457 prepared to depart Anniesland with a service to Glasgow Queen Street via Maryhill 16.4.15
    318250 approaches Anniesland with a service from Dalmuir - Motherwell via Hamilton 16.4.15
    314201 departs Pasley Gilmour Street with a Gourock - Glasgow Central service 16.4.15
    37611+37059 passes through Paisley Gilmour Street with 6M22 Hunterston - Sellafield flasks 16.4.15
    Newly refurbished and reliveried 318270 departs Whifflet with an ECS move following it working a Milngavie - Whifflet service 16.4.15
    320322 arrives at Whifflet with a Cumbernauld - Milngavie service 16.4.15


    90020+90039 pass through Holytown with 6X65 Didcot - Mossend Car Train 17.4.15
    Caledonian Sleeper Liveried 87002 seen stabled in the Motorrail Bay at Edinburgh Waverley 17.4.15
    DBSO 9702 leads a test train and 37603 through Holytown with 3Q14 Mossend - Heaton test train move 17.4.15
    Scotrail liveried 68007 with matching set of Mark 2's pass through Holytown with 5G13 Motherwell TMD - Edinburgh Waverley Fife Circle ECS move 17.4.15
    86605+86639 pass through Holytown with 4M74 Coatbridge - Crewe Basford Hall Freightliner Intermodal 17.4.15
    66737 passes through Holytown with 6E45 Fort William - North Blyth Alcans 17.4.15
    68004 and the DRS Mark 2 set pass through Holytown with 5L69 Motherwell - Edinburgh Fife Circle ECS working 17.4.15
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