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B&KR Black Bun Special

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4 Jul 2005
Well today is the last operating and calender day of the year 2005, and so i went along to Bo'ness to test out my new digi cam/digi video cam and also to look back on the year 2005 for the B&KR. We have had a successful year, visitor numbers have went way up, and we now have a great locomotive fleet which are operational. It was only fitting that, with 3 Mk1's and a buffet carriage, that the train was full with 202 passengers, a great way to end the year. And so i end this year, with my last collection of 2005, where we see 80105 hauling the Black Bun Specials.


Happy New Year To All, And The Best Of Luck To The Bo'ness And Kinneil Railway, Scotland's Leading Preservation Line, In The New Year.

I however won't have as many collections appearing until the end of March, when the start of the B&KR's 2006 running season will begin
Not open for further replies.