B&KR Diesel Gala Feat. Deltic 55022 And 40145

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4 Jul 2005
The second and last day of the B&KR's diesel gala, the first of which I have attended. I have to say I was loving every second if it, not only this time was I left there by myself ( no family!!!!! ), but also it featured two very famous and great visitors - Deltic No. 55022 "Royal Scots Grey" and Whistler No. 40145 . Today I also tried some new photography locations from usual ( nettles marks on legs as a result lol ), but also involved a 3 1/2 mile walk from Birkhill To Bo'ness:

More Photos Can Be Found Here: http://jonathonag.fotopic.net/c1098909.html

Also, I am thinking of submitting one or two of these photos to some railway magazines within a few days, I was wondering if maybe you could pick out your favourites, or what ones you think are best, so I can come to a decision on which ones I should submit. ( And Also, Any Specific Railway Magazine )



P.S. I have lots more photos from the day aswell, some may be the same situation as overs.....just different angles.........they may be uploaded later along with a video of 55022 on the incline at High Bridge
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