BA 747s at Bournemouth Airport


20 Dec 2006
After much Googling and not being able to find what I'm after, as well as fruitless correspondence with BA, I'm asking here in the hope that someone will know where I can find this information!

Currently there is at least one BA 747 parked at Bournemouth Airport. BA have flown the rest back to either their Cardiff base or to Heathrow. As it's highly likely there will never be another BA 747 at Bournemouth, I'd like to get down there and get some photos when they leave. However, no one seems to know when that will be. There have been a couple of people in YouTube comments who have some insider info and have been able to pass on times and dates for the other 747s, but I can't find a source of information for when the last one(s) will leave.

I appreciate that BA may not decide on which plane flies where until a couple of days before the actual flight, and therefore that information won't be available well in advance. But even one day's notice would be enough to get myself down there.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I've tried the forums who have been of no use at all, and The BA Source only posts information after the fact.

Thanks in advance!
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29 May 2011
The Landor liveried one leaves for Cardiff around 1pm today. Isn't that the only one left at Bournemouth?