Balkan Holiday - August 2015

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  1. Roni

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    19 Mar 2007
    Vienna, Austria

    Over the past two weeks I went on a large Balkan tour with focus on railway but also sightseeing and relaxation on the beach and in thermal spas, through Romania, Bulgaria and Serbie.

    To the video (please set to 1080p quality / full screen mode):

    Featuring roaring GM-diesels hauling long sleeper trains to Mangalia, BDZ Ludmilla diesel and great landscapes. From the Rhodopes narrow gauge lines with the old Henschel diesel engines still in use we move on to ex JZ class 661 GM-EMD diesel freight on the ( Sofia - ) Dimitrovgrad - Nis line through Nisava gorge. Via Belgrade we visit the final stop Subotica including class 812 Sinobus in the flat Banat landscape.

    Much more detailed photo reports will follow in the foreseeable future. :0)


    If you thought Romania always was as cold as you saw in my previous reports - think again! ;)
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