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Barrow Hill real ale festival, Sep 10/11 - shuttle trains from Derby / Chesterfield

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7 Feb 2012
From ROG on Facebook

Rail Operations Group are pleased to partner with the Barrow Hill Roundhouse to provide a shuttle service to the 2021 Real Ale Festival. We will be running this service on 10th and 11th September 2021. The morning departure will travel via Sheffield and the Old Road to Barrow Hill. Traction will be provided by 37510 on the Friday and 37800 on the Saturday and Class 57 at the rear. Specific locomotives cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability. Please see below for the charter train times:

Friday 10th September 2021:
Derby 10:48 14:03 17:00
Chesterfield 11:14 14:42 17:25
Barrow Hill 12:17 15:02 17:45
Barrow Hill 12:53 15:53 21:04
Chesterfield 13:26 16:29 21:37
Derby 13:52 16:55 22:00

Saturday 11th September 2021:
Derby 11:48 15:18
Chesterfield 12:15 16:15
Barrow Hill 13:15 16:35
Barrow Hill 13:54 21:14
Chesterfield 14:27 21:47
Derby 14:50 22:10

Please see below for ticket prices:
£36 - Inclusive of Rail Ale entrance fee - Derby/Barrow Hill Return
£30 - Exclusive of Rail Ale entrance fee - Derby/Barrow Hill Return
£31 - Inclusive of Rail Ale entrance fee - Chesterfield/Barrow Hill
£25 - Exclusive of Rail Ale entrance fee - Chesterfield/Barrow Hill

Bookings can be made via Retro Railtours, in due course, using the below link:

For further information about the Real Ale Festival, please click the below link:
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18 Dec 2012
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A shame they can't pick up at Sheffield for those of us from further North, when they're passing through. Guess there aren't suitable paths without using the non-platformed lines through the station?
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