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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by bruebunny, 7 Jun 2015.

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  1. bruebunny

    bruebunny Member

    11 Dec 2013
    Hey guys,

    I've been chasing this job down now for a few years and haven't passed the shortlist stage yet. I want this job, this is what I really want to be doing but I seem to be unable to get past the first hurdle. I want to make my CV more palatable and viable for employment but I don't seem to know how.

    What can I do to make myself a better prospect? I'm not interested in those scammy test places, but real courses, volunteering, qualifications, experiences etc that would benefit me. I've been a postal worker for nearly a decade now and want to try something new.

    Any and all suggestions are super appreciated.
    (Also, does anyone know if those how2become a train driver books and courses are as useless and as much a waste of money as they seem to be?)
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  3. Economist

    Economist Member

    24 Feb 2013
    I don't know if your current role offers is safety-critical but to stand a decent chance you will need some safety critical experience. My day job is in an office but I have a real interest in aviation hence I am learning to fly gliders. I've passed the mandatory Stage 1 and Stage 2 aptitude tests for a driver role but I'm yet to secure a position. Without the experiences I've had at the gliding club I seriously doubt I'd have got this far. So, consider what hobbies you have always wanted to do and pick one which is safety-critical. I'd imagine that rock-climbing, martial arts etc. would all be fairly decent.

    In your CV, as well as the personal statement part of an application, make sure you demonstrate evidence of qualities which the TOCs are looking for. The RSSB and the OPC list what these are, whilst I wouldn't list them in my application, I'd look to provide good evidence where I have demonstrated these qualities.
  4. ComUtoR

    ComUtoR Established Member

    13 Dec 2013
    Move house.

    Live right on the doorstep of your local depot and your CV will be more attractive.
  5. Simon11

    Simon11 Member Jobs & Careers Assistant

    7 Nov 2010
    If your unable to to get to the interview stage, I would advise you to review your CV and ask other people to provide feedback. I'm very happy to review CV's and I'm sure there are other people on here who are happy to give up some time as well.
  6. redbutton

    redbutton Member

    5 Sep 2013
    A guy I know who is about to pass out as a driver was a London black cabbie for 20 years before taking the job. So although 10 years as a postal worker doesn't sound exciting, it does show commitment and an ability to follow rules and procedures. That's what you need to get across in your personal statement and during any interviews. Don't worry too much about safety-critical work, though it's a plus.

    If your job includes interacting with customers, even occasionally, mention that. TOCs love "customer focus". Remember that it's HR staff sifting the applications, not anyone with driving experience. So they apply the same "core values" to gateline applicants as they do to driver applicants.

    Ultimately, as ComUtoR mentioned, your problem could be down to geography. Do you live less than an hour (by road- remember that drivers start and end shifts when the trains aren't running) from the depot you're applying for?

    But finally, it could just be down to luck. Keep a sharp eye on your local TOC websites for driver vacancies, or set up an email alert if the site allows it. You want to be among the first to get your application in.
  7. Coxie

    Coxie Member

    21 May 2015
    I'm currently a postie and I applied last august and I start in September. It can be done mate, like the poster above pointed out they liked the fact it showed in loyal as I worked there for 11 years and I have learned how to follow rules and proceedures well.
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