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been invited to attend assessments with FCC

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19 Mar 2012
I have been invited to attend an assessment day for a duty team leader, Does anyone know what these assessments involve;
situational exercise, a team exercise and group activity.

Many thanks
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29 May 2012
hi there gareth, i think i mightbe able to answer your question as i recently went through a FCC assesment in march, for a CSA role.

the assesment consisted of:

1)meet the team, where around 10 managers, introduced themselves along with some station team members. They also laid out the day as it would proceed.

2)after the intros we had to sit the CSA assesment test which frankly aslong as you have common sense and realise you need need to strick a balance between customer service and not losing the company to much money then you should find it easy. most of the people at the march assesment passed that phase with easy. Takes around 45mins.

3)there was around 30mins worth of excercises regarding various areas of operations, i.e customer service, health and saftey, station operation etc. there is usually 6 exercises around 5 mins each except the station one being around 10-15mins. you do this phase in groups and are assesed in a group so remember to contribute but not be overally aggressive.

Then a break for lunch.

The last part is likly the most important part. the interview i was told afterwards around 50% dont pass the interview phase, unfortunatly no one can really give you a set thing to do during it, except to be confident and answer in short decisive answers and dont get trapped into long rabbling ones.

And even if you pass all the phase dont be surprised if it takes them a while to find a position for you. Just got offered a part time station assitant role in biggleswade. so its better to be willing to accept most roles even if there quite a distance. (remeber you will qualify for FCC benefits if successful.)

But good luck with the assesment garath :)
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