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Best multi-modal way for a day in Leicester staring in Hinkley?

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Egg Centric

6 Oct 2018
Land of the Prince Bishops
I shall be dropping my wife off in Hinkley tomorrow (today actually at time I'm writing this, i.e. Sat 26th) and then have to kill about 8 hours. Considered doing Bosworth Field but am fairly settled on seeing a couple of the sites in Leicester, which I don't remember exploring before. Rail ticket price from Hinkley is extortionate so it seems to me that best plan is to drive to Enderby Park and Ride, take the bus in, and then hire an ebike from Santander Cycles and go visit the national space museum, the cathedral, etc.

Does this seem sensible to locals or have I missed other transport options? I'm quite happy driving everywhere but tend to assume that city centres are slow and full of speed cameras, expensive parking, and other traps. Would have loved to take train but £32 for a return* is a joke.

*This is due to cross country's reservation compulsory policy; it looks like it would be a tenner usually. I might consider paying that if a "park and ride" via the GCR is possible!
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