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Birmingham [BHM] to Newcastle [NCL] 20/7 - 22/7

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3 Jun 2012
Hi there

Would be grateful if anyone can assist with this

Looking for eight chaps (stag do) with no railcards to go from Birmingham New Street to Newcastle on Friday 20th July and back on Sunday 22nd July

Best price on sensible advance tickets (getting to Newcastle before 00.45am!) seems to be £79 each

I can get 6% cashback by booking on the Southern website through Topcashback.

So net cost is about £74.26

Groupsave would be ideal but I see that Crosscountry does not offer it, do you think they would still do some sort of group travel deal if I contacted them directly?

Also I tried investigating a split at Doncaster but that didn't seem to help, the train stops at lots of places so lots of places to check, does anyone know which splits are most likely to bear fruit?

Also everyone would accept a longer journey time by a more circuitous route to save money and take in some nice scenery!

Any help gratefully received
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8 Sep 2010
If you buy advance tickets from Birmingham to York there are plenty of trains available at £196 for 8 adults - that's £25 per person each way or £50 total for the return. Add to that an advance ticket from York to Newcastle at around £18 each and the total comes to £68 each.

Try to get advance tickets on the same train - for example the 18.30 from Birmingham to York is £196 and the 20.48 from York to Newcastle is £76 (based on a group of 8). This is the same train but saves £80 over the through ticket for the group.

Then get a return in the same way.


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19 Jan 2010
Have you considered Megabus.

Friday 20th July

Birmingham Priory Queensway 1225 - Newcastle Neville Street 1820

Total cost for 8 adults = £71.00

Sunday 22nd July

Newcastle Neville Street 1330 - Birmingham Priory Queensway 1950

Total cost for 8 adults = £77.00

Overall total cost = £148.00 divided by 8 = £18.50 each.

If you consider this to be an option for you, book the tickets online. Just click on the Megabus word, will which take you straight to the website. :)
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