Bodysnatchers to the Show: 57312 leads 57305 with the Northern Belle to Harrogate

Discussion in 'Photography Sites, Blogs & Videos' started by Jaybee60163, 24 Apr 2015.

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  1. Jaybee60163

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    27 Apr 2011
    Hi All

    With the week drawing to a close and the wether looking to being going a little bit to pot at the weekend I decided to head out today to see if there was to be anything worth catching, and on hearing the the Northern Belle would be heading to Harrogate today as part of the flower show that is currently taking place there I decided to make this the main point of the day and managed to capture it as it passed Burton Salmon in the sun. I have never done this shot before but it certainly is a good place to go for a variety of stuff.

    My shots from today can be found at:-

    Kind Regards

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