Boness Diesel Gala

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12 Feb 2012
South Lanarkshire

the Boness Diesel Gala was held over this weekend. There was 4 visiting Locomotives, these were newly restored and outshopped in BR Blue 26038, West Coast's BR Blue liveried 47270, GBRF liveried 66727 and Colas Rail 66850. In addition, a number of the home fleet were in use including 27001, 26024, 20020, D3558, D2767, 37175, 47643 and former Glasgow Blue Train 303032 which was seeing use for the first time since around 2005.

There was a number of highlights including the use of 47270, Class 08 shunter D3558 and Class 03 Shunter topping and tailing a service to Birkhill and the best of all, 303032 being worked in blue star mode by 26038, bringing back the memories of journeys into Glasgow on 303's. Everything from the sound of the air braked being released, the warning sound for the doors closing, the sound of the motors and even the problems they had getting the air operated doors to close at Birkhill were just as I remembered them!

I took lots of photos. See my photos from the Gala Here
Not open for further replies.