BR APT and high-speed main line rail routes?

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23 Oct 2006
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Well, I should come clean that I installed BVE2 on Loki (My Win32 box) earlier this morning and I have to say that it's certainly a lot of fun...Even more so when you copy the configuration for that default Japanese train into a new rolling stock entry and adjust the values to change the accelleration a "little" bit! :lol:
(Well...It's now a little bit like a Thumper, but with a 0-90mph time of about 0.25 seconds! :evil2:)

Anyhow...I'm going to ask a question that's not surprising at all for me, and ask if anyone either has, or knows where I can download the following if these files exist:
(And if BVE actually uses carriages in a trainset and not just the drivers view! :))
  • BR Class 370 APT trainset with normal rakes,
  • BR Class 91 and rake of Mk. IV carriages,
  • WCML: London > Glasgow via Coventry, Stoke and Manchester,
  • WCML: Penzance > Glasgow via Reading, Birmingham, Stoke, Manchester,
  • SWML: London Waterloo > Weymouth,
  • SWML: London Waterloo > Plymouth & Exeter,
  • ECML: London Kings X > Edinburgh Waverley and Aberdeen,
Apologies if this list seems a bit on the large side (Especially for BVE2!), but I've tried searching on Google for this and that and have found nothing. I have this sneaky fear though that I'll have to build the APT myself using nothing more than my trusty ASCII and bitmap editors! :eek:
(Aye, I know there is a train builder out there, but I like hard-coding my creations...That, and the 'builder doesn't work on my PC anyway! :tongue3:)

Farewell... <D
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None are available AFAIK.

WCML (London - Manchester/Liverpool)
ECML (London - York)
SWML (London - Weymouth via many routes)

are all available for MSTS.
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