BR Station Announcers of Old

Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by rsg126, 27 Oct 2015.

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  1. 30909

    30909 Member

    4 Mar 2012
    Redhill B Box had a structure like a square bay window on its north side viewing the south end of the station. In this cubbyhole in the 1950s early 60s sat a gentleman with a luxuriant white beard who did most of the announcements. He had a delivery not unlike a boxing ring announcer or fairground barker. "Redill Redill this is Redill train at platform free is for Brightin calling at (lists all stations to) Preston Park aanndd (pause) Brightin.
    Sadly I can still mimic him and list all the stops up and down and to Tonbridge & Reading!!
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  2. Welshman

    Welshman Established Member

    11 Mar 2010
    I can still recall even now the sound of the gentleman's voice making the announcements at Manchester Victoria in the 1960s.

    "Manchester Victoria making a staff announcement" was one of his regular openings, usually summoning a diesel fitter to a Cravens or Calder-Valley unit short of water somewhere on the station.

    He was situated in a little office at the top of the stairs from the subway to platforms 12 & 13, and spoke clearly and proudly, delighting in telling you you could board a through train to Harrogate from platform 13, or to travel in the rear portion of the train on platform 12 for Blackpool North.
  3. AndrewE

    AndrewE Established Member

    9 Nov 2015
    I remember Bristol TM announcers inviting people to join the Adex for Spaldling and also platform staff at Stockport calling out the station name with a very broad (Bolton?) accent "Stockpooort" when we used to change there for Stalybridge.

    Also remember running straight in to Temple Meads when commuting from the Severn Beach branch... Unprecedented! (Dr Day's -I think - wasn't called Stop-all junction for nothing). On alighting we heard the voice of the AAM himself on the PA from the power box!
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  4. 317666

    317666 Established Member

    4 Sep 2009
    Bishop's Stortford and Seven Sisters both had NSE-era announcements until only a few years ago. When I did work experience with NXEA in 2011, I spent a day doing the manual announcements at Ely which was great fun! Sadly they've now been replaced with the bog-standard automated system.
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  5. MaxB

    MaxB Member

    28 Jan 2017
    I think this was a gentleman in the Works section at DMO Beckenham. Sadly, I have forgotten his name (I think it began with a W) but he was responsible for overseeing the installation work at many stations.
  6. Blindtraveler

    Blindtraveler Established Member

    28 Feb 2011
    Nowhere near enough to a Pacer :(
    Sad thing is that if we didnt have auto announcements people like me who cant see but can remember calling paterns etc and also listen to a computer talking in 1 ear and still talk would have a chance of a railway job.
  7. AY1975

    AY1975 Member

    14 Dec 2016
    I also seem to remember hearing the Sheffield woman at Manchester Piccadilly at least once in about the mid-1980s.
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