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Bristol Airport 15-02-2016 Photo's with a couple of charters

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11 Jun 2005
Hello all,

Went to Bristol Airport after work on the 15th Feb (and was bloody freezing!!) mainly to get the two charters that were operating that day, one being a rare sight of an Air Explore 737-400. I know some of you enjoyed the last Bristol set I put up last year (or the year before, I forget!) so I thought I'd share them here.
Descriptions apply to the photo below the description:

Ryanair's 737-800, with 'Visit Us Bremen' titles, arrives on flight FR8225 from Rzeszow

Aurigny's ATR72 G-VZON arrives on the daily flight from Guernsey

Ryanair's 737-800 EI-EMN arriving on flight FR4756 from Lanzarote

Stobart Air's new addition to the fleet is EI-FMJ, which at the time this was taken it is 3 months old.
Sported in the Aer Lingus Regional livery, the ATR72 taxis to the gate arriving on flight EI3842 from Cork

One of Easyjet's Bristol regulars is G-EZFM, and is seen here at Bristol, now wearing the new EasyJet scheme, having arrived on flight U26052 from Malaga

Easyjet A319 G-EZAP arrives on flight U26072 from Alicante

KLM's Embraer 190 PH-EZS taxis to the gate having arrived on flight KL1051 from Amsterdam.

Based at Bristol since 8th February, G-EZTG departs on flight U26155 to Geneva

Having spent the night at Bristol, Enter Air's B737-400 SP-ENI takes off on an empty run to Fiumicino airport (Rome) to ferry Rugby fans back to Bristol Airport

A rare bird for Bristol is AirExplore's OM-EEX. The 737-400 originated from Fiumicino Airport carrying Rugby fans back from Rome. The 737 then departed empty to Paderborn airport in Germany

EasyJet's unique Interim scheme A320 G-EZUA taxis to the gate having arrived on flight U2402 from Glasgow

One of EasyJet's newer A320's, at only 9 months old when this was taken, G-EZON is seen on approach to Runway 9 at Bristol on flight U26246 from Funchal, which runs 3 times a week.

Hope the text was useful, and I hope you enjoyed them :)


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