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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by anthony263, 21 Nov 2011.

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  1. anthony263

    anthony263 Established Member

    19 Aug 2008
    South Wales
    Going to Bristol tomorrow (Tuesday 22 november 2011)

    I fancy traveling some of the routes around Bristol particulary the Severn Beach Line.

    I have found the price of the zone ABC ticket which is £11.20 valid after 09:30 However I cant find a price with the 16-25 railcard discount.

    My plan on getting to/from Bristol is:

    08:10 Pyle - Cardiff Central (Arr 08:44)
    09:00 Cardiff Central - Bristol TM (Arr 09:50) - Should this be a class 150/1 ?

    20:15 Bristol TM - Cardiff Central (Arr 21:01)
    21:04 Cardiff Central - Bridgend (Arr 21:24)
    or the 21:22 Swansea service to Bridgend.

    I then plan on getting some night shots at Bridgend before getting the 23:43 train from Bridgend to Pyle
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  3. sonic2009

    sonic2009 Established Member

    19 Jan 2010
    Moulton nr Winsford
    Freedom Travelpass gives no discount with railcards.
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