Bristol Parkway to Bangor returning same day

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Going South, 28 Oct 2011.

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  1. Going South

    Going South Member

    22 Aug 2009
    Can anybody help reduce the fare for this journey? I'll be travelling on Monday 12th December, needing to arrive before 2pm. Would prefer to be flexible on return time (which will be the same day), though could commit to a train leaving after 4pm if the saving was significant. I have a 16-25 Railcard and the Off-peak return is coming in at £55.45. I don't mind which route I take.

    Many thanks in advance
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  3. mikeg

    mikeg Member

    20 Apr 2010
    CDR (no railcard) Bristol Parkway - Cheltenham Spa £7.80
    SVR (discount YNG) Cheltenham Spa - Wolverhampton £13.95
    SVR (discount YNG) Wolverhamton - Crewe £10.65
    CDR (discount YNG) Crewe - Bangor Gwynedd £17.55

    Total £49.95

    There's probably greater savings on other routes, this was my first go at it.

    Valid on the most direct 0910 departure which gets you in at 132

    CDR = Off peak day return
    SVR = Off Peak Return
    Discount YNG = With a 16-25 Railcard.
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    Or alternatively,

    Bristol Parkway - Hereford CDR: £14.65
    Hereford-Shrewsbury CDR: £11.55
    Shrewsbury-Wrexham General SDR: £5.35
    Wrexham General-Llandudno Junction SDR: £11.10
    Llandudno Junction-Bangor Gwynedd SDR: £3.90

    The disadvantage with this one is there is only one departure after 1600.

    All with discount YNG.
    Total price £46.55. The 0907 departure gets you there for 1328.
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  4. DJ737

    DJ737 Member

    15 Nov 2009
    Melbourne, Australia

    I agree with mikeg on this one, but could get cheaper splits.

    Bristol Parkway-Hereford £14.65 CDR
    Hereford-Chester £17.70 CDR
    Chester-Bangor £12.40 CDR

    Total £44.75
    The 0936 train from Newport goes thru to Bangor so only one change outward.
    Coming back is a different kettle of fish, The 1809 from Bangor via Chester, Crewe and Newport gets you to Bristol TM at 2349, Is there a bus to Bristol Pkwy at that time of night?

    Melbourne, Australia
  5. Going South

    Going South Member

    22 Aug 2009
    Thanks for the replies.
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