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Brookwood Landslide

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9 Jun 2005
I know it is old news but a bubble car was sent to the scene today. Here is the quote from the SWT website. It is still possible to get from the area to London via Guildford however a bus connects Aldershot and Farnborough to help ease congestion. Expected time of opening is Friday 19th, with the landslide occuring on Sunday 13th.

Disruption: Alton line
Changes to train times at Aldershot, Alton, Ash, Ash Vale, Bentley and Farnham.

Storms on Sunday 13 August resulted in a landslide onto the line between Brookwood and Ash Vale stations. Trains are not able to run through this blockage. It will take several days to remove the mud and ensure the line is safe to use.

Temporary travel arrangements until further notice:
Alton, Bentley, Farnham and Aldershot passengers will need to travel by trains (half hourly services) to Guildford in each direction and change there.

One train in each direction per day will run between Alton and Waterloo (via Guildford) leaving Alton at 0644 and Waterloo at 1755.

Ash Vale passengers will need to travel via train to Aldershot or Ascot, there is also a half hourly bus link between Farnborough, Aldershot and Ash Vale.

The Ascot to Guildford service will continue to run but only to Aldershot where you will need to change trains to and from the service between Aldershot and Guildford via Ash and Wanborough.

First Great Western services between Guildford and Reading are not affected by this landslide.

Last train from London Waterloo will be the 0005 to Woking, with buses calling at Ash Vale and all stations to Alton. If you plan to travel late tonight please check with our Customer Service Centre, 0845 6000 650.

This notice will be updated as soon as we have further information. (Last updated 1200 on 15/08/06)



Dad and I went to Farnborough station this evening to meet my mum off the 20:13 arrival from London after the Live Departure Boards on the Natioanl Rail website said it was "on time". When we arrived me saw a 444 stuck in the up platform. We went into the station building and the boards said all trains were cancelled due to "a landslip at Farnborough Main". We went to Woking in the car as she was stuck in platform 1 there (should have been in 4 or 5) but when we arrived in Woking we found out her train had left just 15 minutes late, despite being 'cancelled' on the boards. This means that the 'landslip' must have been examined and cleared in just 20 minutes as we saw trains go passed when we drove passed Brookwood station in the car. Part of the road runs alongside a railway embankment and I could see chunks missing near the top and I could also see the third rail at the top.


Pictures from the tunnel incident. No pics from th Ash Vale landslide (further down same line) or the currently-closed down slow line (where the Alton live diverges). http://southernrailpics.fotopic.net/c1054462_1.html


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