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23 Feb 2006
I'm considering getting a cheap Ryanair flight to Brussels South Charleroi Airport. I know that you can get an inclusive ticket that includes an express bus from the airport to Charleroi South railway station, and then a train to any Belgian station.

..and is it better to go to Brussels Midi or Brussels Central?

Where would be the best place to purchase these tickets from? and how much is it likely to cost for a return for two adults aged 22?

This would be my first time buying european railway stations (not including Athens/Prague Underground tickets) so I don't want to screw it up.
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6 Dec 2009
The SNCB website has all the details you probably need to know, although the page can be a bit hard to find.

Travelling to Charleroi airport ?

For Charleroi Airport, ask for the ‘Charleroi Airport’ return (code 815) or single (code 811 or 814) ticket at the ticket desk or on the train, or buy your single ticket via our website.

With this ticket, you can take the train to Charleroi-Sud station and then the TEC bus from the station to the airport (Gosselies).

If you are leaving Charleroi airport and have no train ticket…

At Charleroi airport there are two ticket dispensers where you can buy a single or a return ticket (return on the same day) valid for "any Belgian destination" for a maximum amount of 19,60 EUR* single in 2nd class and 28,50 EUR* single in 1st class. This ticket covers a journey in a TEC bus (from the airport to Charleroi-Sud station) and a train journey (from Charleroi-Sud to any station in Belgium).

The two ticket dispensers are placed outside the airport, near Door 2. Two methods of payment are accepted: cash or credit/debit card.

Would you like to buy and print out your ticket to or from Charleroi Airport (train + TEC bus) from our website ?

The e-ticket to/from Charleroi Airport you buy through our site is:

made out in your name;
non-refundable, non-exchangeable;
available from 31 days before the travel date.


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6 Jan 2010
You can buy a Go-Pass 1 for youth travel in Belgium (under 26).

It's any journey for around €6 (more to travel to Aachen and Maastricht) but you need to pay a Diabolo fee to go the Nationaal Luchthaven.

You can buy the Go-Pass online here: Click 'buy online'. You have to declare destination and origin, and names and they aren't transferable.

It's well worth it! It's basically a ranger ticket for €6.

I know this is against a rail forum, but the express bus to central Brussels from the south airport is fast efficient and very cheap (from memory a few € each way) and runs every 30 mins.
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