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Budapest Trams 16.7.12 - 19.7.12

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12 Feb 2012
South Lanarkshire
I'm just back from Budapest, here are my photos from the Budapest Tramway. This system has over 30 routes covering the city.

My photos feature the Picturesque route 2 (one of the worlds top 10 senic tram routes apparently) with photos of the home made Ganz cars on the 'tram embankment', out side the Parliament and at the Margaret Bridge Terminus. The equally Picturesque routes 19 and 41 on the other side of the Danube, Siemens Combino's (the longest trams in the world) on routes 4 and 6 on the Margaret Island Bridge, more Ganz cars on the Small Boulevard routes 47 and 49. Finally some Tatra's on the not so picturesque terminus of route 14 at Lehel Ter.
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Just added a couple more photos including a Trolley bus and a pair of Tatra's on route 18. Route 14 was operated with Triple sets of Tatras. I'd definately recommend Budapest, there was so much more to see but didnt have enough time
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