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Bus riding around London

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25 Jun 2005
Back office
Well after I saw the 47+87 this morning at KGX, I took a 205 to LivSt. Then I took a 271 to Highgate Village, which was a Metroline Trident. Soon after I got there, a 210 came, which was a ML Dart. I took that to Brent Cross, then got an Arriva DAF 142 to Edgware. I took a 186 to Harrow-Trident again, then I took a 114 to Ruislip-a Scania. There's not much there, so I took a Nimbus 331 to Uxbridge
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I then decided that I wanted to see the Lindsey Oil tanks, by which time it was 13:00, so I boarded an express First Trident 607, whose doors failed in the Hayes area :roll:. Another one came 5 minutes later, so I took it to Ealing Broadway,arrived 2pm. Sure enough, the tanks stormed through at 14:15 with stickered 60046 hauling them. I then went to Paddington and on I'm on my home!
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