BVE, is it still alive?

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    17 Nov 2013
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    Evening all,

    I've recently started using and developing again for BVE (something I've been meaning to do for a while) and was wondering if anyone on here can recall several projects that were started a number of years ago, cab views of 84, 86, 87 etc, but would now appear to have vanished into thin air. I used to be into BVE back around 2009 and can recall there being several videos on youtube and also on BVETMD of them as a WIP. I have now since got back into BVE and due to being interested in the sleeper workings being operated by the locos, I have started to work on an 86 (cab shots of 101/401) for Open BVE, with external views and mk3s. I remember that the old project was put on hold due to the scripting for the tap changer being difficult to create. This is something I hope to put asside for now and would just focus on getting a fully functional loco.

    Regards, Paul.
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    25 Oct 2014
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    A long, long time ago I created a HD(although no-one called it that back then) Class 87 Cab, but I don't think even I don't have a copy any more. There was no tap-changing functionality, although I corresponded with the author of one of the DLL addons that implemented AWS functionality for UK trains, and he confirmed that it was possible.

    This was all BVE4 though, I have no idea how things work in OpenBVE.

    In my view, at it's best, BVE, the spare-time freeware project of one Japanese programmer, could be better than MSTS, the product of the world's largest software company. I can still remember the magic of heading out of Redditch on a misty morning on Anthony Bowden's Cross City South route, the distinctive sound of the Class 323's AC traction motors captured to perfection. However, with the advent of much more advanced simulators from the DTG stable I suppose not many people use it anymore, and pretty much all of the sites that distributed addons 'back in the day' have gone offline.
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    9 Jul 2016
    I discovered OpenBVE a few years ago. I was dabbling with Linux at the time, and it was in the Ubuntu repositories so I gave it a try; the Cross-City Line was the route that it came bundled with. The Network West Midlands route was superb and I had hours of fun with it, but it wasn't exactly the most user-friendly program to use. It ran well on WinXP (even in a VM on VirtualBox), but I had to tweak the configuration files to get things working in Linux, which kind of defeated the whole point of it being cross-platform. Some route/train developers used .exe files to package things up, while others provided .zip archives, along with instructions on where to put things. I eventually got the hang of it, but setting it up could be a bit of a nightmare to the uninitiated. There was, if I remember correctly, a move towards having a "universal installer", but it didn't seem to last long.

    From the various websites around at the time, I got the impression that the main developer (Michelle?) was getting a bit cheesed off, and eventually announced that she was packing it in completely. I lost interest after that, and discovered TrainSim shortly afterwards. I've no idea if it's still going and/or if people are still developing content for it.
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    29 Apr 2013
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    Glad to see I've been mentioned :p

    Anyways, a small potted history of what is (or isn't...) going on!

    Michelle was the original driving force behind openBVE, and she left somewhere about 10 years ago.

    I've been involved in the community since the beginning (BVE1 on CroTrainz anyone?), and somewhere about 2 1/2 years ago, I kinda gravitated into working on the main program itself. (At the time I was working on a Western, and there were rather too many things I just couldn't do with the program available....)

    Development is ongoing at or at my GitHub page:

    Contributions or bugs always welcome :)

    As a note, openBVE should (in theory anyways!) be compatible with anything produced for BVE1 ==> BVE4.
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    29 Apr 2017
    Thank you for creating such good routes and trains. I love simulation games and I highly appreciate developers hard work. Thanks leezer3!

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