BVE, is it still alive?

Discussion in 'Transport Simulations & Games' started by JModulo, 21 Sep 2017.

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    17 Nov 2013
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    Evening all,

    I've recently started using and developing again for BVE (something I've been meaning to do for a while) and was wondering if anyone on here can recall several projects that were started a number of years ago, cab views of 84, 86, 87 etc, but would now appear to have vanished into thin air. I used to be into BVE back around 2009 and can recall there being several videos on youtube and also on BVETMD of them as a WIP. I have now since got back into BVE and due to being interested in the sleeper workings being operated by the locos, I have started to work on an 86 (cab shots of 101/401) for Open BVE, with external views and mk3s. I remember that the old project was put on hold due to the scripting for the tap changer being difficult to create. This is something I hope to put asside for now and would just focus on getting a fully functional loco.

    Regards, Paul.
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