BVE4 Xmas Tree Route

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16 Jul 2005
A quote from another forum
The Christmas tree route for 2005 is ready. I have uploaded at UKTS and Train Sim. It should appear by this weekend. I am battling with my FTP server right now, so it is not on my page yet, but hopefully by this weekend.
This year I added 3 new presents, a monorail route and corrected the original route to run with BVE 4. The original route still uses the original prresents since the new ones may cause some frame route problems on some machines. Also a BV# 4 version of the route and train are included to begin to learn the new commands. The neatest one so far is the background command. I made a panorama picture of where my tree will be. Made it into a one time wrap around for the route. What you see is what you would see under my tree
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
It can also be found on geocities
Bandwidth limited, so you may have to try later if it does not download.
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